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Sewage leak fixed – but harbour contamination continues

Wellington Water announced this afternoon that it had identified and fixed the cause of sewage which has been flowing into the harbour for the past two days.

However it continued to warn people not to swim in the contaminated area.

During its investigations, said Wellington Water evasively, it had “identified other issues, which are being attended to. This will help us to avoid any further disruptions.”

What do they mean? More information should be provided.

News from Wellington Water – June 12
Wellington Water is urging Wellington harbour users to stay out of the water in the inner harbour due to suspected pollution from sewage, particularly around and near Shed 5.

We are currently investigating this and will update when further information is available.

Meanwhile, protect your health by not swimming in the area and be careful about any contact with the water.

News from Wellington Water – June 11
Our crew have discovered a leak from our main outfall pipeline which runs from the Seaview Wastewater Treatment Plant to Pencarrow. The fully treated wastewater was discharging into a stormwater drain in Eastbourne. The flow through the outfall pipeline was stopped this morning and the Seaview WWTP began discharging into the Waiwhetu stream. Hutt Valley Water Services and the contractor have begun to drain the pipeline to conduct repairs. There is no indication of how long the repairs will take. A sampling campaign to monitor the Coastal Marine Area has been initiated and signage has been put up.

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  1. Jamie, 13. June 2019, 13:26

    Once again sewage discharge into the sea, called a leak. Imagine if this was a dairy farmer who had a unforeseen pump failure. Would have been prosecuted and fined. Worse they are also discharging sewage into the Waiwhetu stream, which has had massive community investment in cleaning it up. Once so polluted it could catch fire. Wellington Water seems to get away with sewage “leaks” into the harbour many times every year. Time to stand up and make them do the right thing.