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VUW students welcome defeat of alcohol ban in Kelburn Park

Press Release – VUWSA
Students have successfully saved Fountown, as the Wellington City Council announces the decision at the City Strategy Committee meeting to not go ahead with the proposed Alcohol Ban Area in Kelburn Park.

Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) started the ‘Save Fountown’ campaign to ensure there was proper consultation made on the issue as students, who would be directly impacted by the decision, have the right to engage in the decision-making process involving them.

VUWSA President Tamatha Paul made clear in her oral submission that the idea behind ‘Save Fountown’ was not to encourage drinking in the park but rather engage students, as the traditional council process for consulting Wellington students has not been working.

As expressed by VUWSA throughout the Consultation process for Kelburn Park, an alcohol ban would only band-aid and shift a much larger problem. VUWSA hopes that moving forward, discussions surrounding the park will continue with Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington City Council and VUWSA working in partnership to find student-led solutions that do not compromise student safety nor community wellbeing.

VUWSA President Tamatha Paul says: “VUWSA hopes that the conversation around Kelburn Park, safety and community wellbeing doesn’t end here. We need community building and we need the University, the Council, students and residents interacting openly and regularly. Change does not happen in isolation and all parties must be involved.”


  1. Richard Beere, 13. June 2019, 15:39

    This is a great result for Wellington students. It shows the real sway young people have when they turn out in force for an issue. We can influence our policymakers, we can be our policymakers. Baby Boomers, out. Young Leaders, let’s do this. [via twitter]

  2. Brian Dawson, 13. June 2019, 22:08

    As the actual recommendations agreed today make clear, the council is taking the lead in creating a working group to include the university, students and wider Kelburn community to ensure the conversation and actions continue. [via twitter]