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Sustainability? Wellington Airport to offer reusable coffee cups, on loan

Press Release – Wellington Airport Limited
From today Wellington Airport will be the first airport in New Zealand to introduce a reusable coffee cup lending scheme across selected cafés in the airport’s terminal.

The airport has partnered with Wellington-based social enterprise Again Again to launch the lending scheme providing reusable stainless-steel cups with silicone lids.

Passengers borrow an Again Again cup and lid with their coffee, adding a refundable $3 to their coffee purchase, and return the cup back participating outlets at the airport or other cafés in the Again Again network for a full refund.

Passengers can also drop used cups into dedicated receptacles located around the airport, donating the $3 refund to native tree regeneration programme Trees that Count and the cup is then put back into circulation.

Wellington Airport’s manager of sustainability and environment Nicola Cordner expects passengers will embrace the service: “This initiative is part of our transition towards eliminating unnecessary single-use items. We recognise airports aren’t the easiest places to bring a reusable cup as people have to plan in advance, remembering to wash and bring their cups each time. This scheme gives passengers the same benefits of a reusable cup with the added convenience of not having to bring their own from home.”

Again Again co-founder and director Nada Piatek is encouraging more airports around New Zealand to follow Wellington Airport’s lead: “It’s a real benefit to have an airport in our network as it helps close the reuse loop as residents and visitors travel to and from the city.”

Mojo, Superfino, Three Quarter Society, United Brew Works and Whiskey Lima Golf at Rydges Wellington Airport will all be offering Again Again reusable cups.

This initiative is part of a wider sustainability programme recently launched by Wellington Airport which includes reducing the amount of waste entering landfill. The programme has already resulted in over 30,000 kilogrammes of passenger coffee grounds recycled into premium compost by not-for-profit organisation Zoo Doo and the airport is also working with its partners to eliminate single-use plastics and compost organic waste.

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  1. Traveller, 20. June 2019, 16:37

    What was wrong with using regular cups, and then washing them?

  2. Meredith, 21. June 2019, 9:23

    Hypocrisy? Reusable cups?? This pales into insignificance when a non sustainable ( in every sense) airport extension is being promoted by the Airport.
    Real change is needed in this Wellington climate emergency, not token gestures.

  3. Mark Shanks, 21. June 2019, 16:29

    Maybe we should also look at the environmental impact of coffee from production to point of sale. A lot of rainforest has been destroyed already and this will continue so you can enjoy your overpriced bourgeois fix.