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Candidate has plan to fix Kāpiti’s rubbish collections and recycling

Press Release – Asher Wilson-Goldman
Asher Wilson-Goldman, candidate for Districtwide Councillor, has released a new plan to help fix the broken system of rubbish and recycling in the Kāpiti Coast District.

“For too many years we’ve farmed this core council service out for private profit. My plan will see council take responsibility back for waste and recycling, introduce green waste collection and support residents to reduce our waste output,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman.

“Kāpiti residents are paying at least $170 per year – well over $200 for larger households, to provide profit for four companies, with too many trucks traversing our village streets.”

“With three of the four licensing agreements due to expire in the next 12 months, now is the time to find an alternative that works for everyone. Bringing waste collection back in-house is better for our low and fixed-income households, for our environment and for our roads.”

If elected this year, I will push for Council to:
• Commit only to annual renewals of existing licensing agreements with private waste providers until details of an in-house scheme are finalised.
• Work to resume a Council-run rubbish and recycling scheme within three years, and introduce programs to support and incentivise residents to reduce waste output.
• Alongside our regional partner councils, particularly Porirua City Council, find or create an alternative landfill so Kāpiti waste does not continue to pollute the land adjoining Ngātokuwaru Marae near Levin.
• Investigate the introduction of a Council-run green waste scheme, potentially in conjunction with community composting schemes, to prevent green waste from going to landfill.
• Consider whether electric rubbish trucks, like the one recently introduced by Wellington City Council, might be able to be used, as part of Council’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

“Our current Council has allowed private companies to profit off a core council service, while only receiving $740 per year in licensing fees from Envirowaste, Low-Cost Bins, Waste Management and Lucy’s Bins.”

“We need a council that takes responsibility for our district, not one that runs and hides. This election, we can vote for a council that’s ambitious for our communities, and ready for vital change,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman.

Read more about Asher Wilson-Goldman’s plans for strong Kāpiti communities at www.asherforkapiti.nz.

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  1. Traveller, 26. June 2019, 17:58

    Great idea. Where’s a candidate who would campaign to do the same in Wellington?

  2. Guy M, 26. June 2019, 19:31

    That’s a very sensible policy to stand on. I’m amazed at the “free-market” decision of allowing different rubbish-trucks to traverse our streets – watching our street as Waste Management trucks go along, picking up their bins, and an hour later, Low-Cost Bins go and pick up just their ones, and then the EnviroWaste and Dimmocks and all the rest – such a colossal waste of energy. Ludicrously silly. At the end of the day the street is no cleaner, the rubbish all ends up going to the same place, and the economics for such a solution truly escapes me. All power to Mr Wilson-Goldman !!

    What would be really useful is to have a proper recycling system, as is done in Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc, where glass bottles are recycled (and not buried in the tip as we do here), the plastic is re-manufactured (not sent offshore to pollute elsewhere), and the cardboard packaging can be taken back to the supermarket and left there. Its a great incentive to make less wasteful packaging if they have to deal with it themselves!

  3. Lindsay, 26. June 2019, 20:12

    Even more ludicrous. EnviroWaste is owned by one of the wealthiest men in Asia. Think about his profits when you see his company’s one-man trucks collecting rubbish all over Wellington, on a contract with the Wellington City Council (which once did the work in-house, when the trucks were a two-man operation.)

  4. Curtis Antony Nixon, 26. June 2019, 22:57

    Right on Lindsay. And Waste Management is owned by Beijing Capital Group, a Chinese state-owned business. How come the Chinese government is capable of owning and operating businesses where our Western governments insist on privatizing them under the neo-liberal economic banner?

  5. Helene Ritchie, 27. June 2019, 17:41

    Yay Asher go for it!
    We used to have a back-door collection in Wellington and fit men leapt over fences and ran up and down our hills, to provide a service which we paid for out of rates (not user-pays Council plastic bags!) Think about that..it would be great again in Wellington City!