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  1. Traveller, 26. June 2019, 17:58

    Great idea. Where’s a candidate who would campaign to do the same in Wellington?

  2. Guy M, 26. June 2019, 19:31

    That’s a very sensible policy to stand on. I’m amazed at the “free-market” decision of allowing different rubbish-trucks to traverse our streets – watching our street as Waste Management trucks go along, picking up their bins, and an hour later, Low-Cost Bins go and pick up just their ones, and then the EnviroWaste and Dimmocks and all the rest – such a colossal waste of energy. Ludicrously silly. At the end of the day the street is no cleaner, the rubbish all ends up going to the same place, and the economics for such a solution truly escapes me. All power to Mr Wilson-Goldman !!

    What would be really useful is to have a proper recycling system, as is done in Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc, where glass bottles are recycled (and not buried in the tip as we do here), the plastic is re-manufactured (not sent offshore to pollute elsewhere), and the cardboard packaging can be taken back to the supermarket and left there. Its a great incentive to make less wasteful packaging if they have to deal with it themselves!

  3. Lindsay, 26. June 2019, 20:12

    Even more ludicrous. EnviroWaste is owned by one of the wealthiest men in Asia. Think about his profits when you see his company’s one-man trucks collecting rubbish all over Wellington, on a contract with the Wellington City Council (which once did the work in-house, when the trucks were a two-man operation.)

  4. Curtis Antony Nixon, 26. June 2019, 22:57

    Right on Lindsay. And Waste Management is owned by Beijing Capital Group, a Chinese state-owned business. How come the Chinese government is capable of owning and operating businesses where our Western governments insist on privatizing them under the neo-liberal economic banner?

  5. Helene Ritchie, 27. June 2019, 17:41

    Yay Asher go for it!
    We used to have a back-door collection in Wellington and fit men leapt over fences and ran up and down our hills, to provide a service which we paid for out of rates (not user-pays Council plastic bags!) Think about that..it would be great again in Wellington City!