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Average rates increase for Wellington will be 3.9 per cent, with some fees going up

News from WCC
The Wellington City Council has adopted its Annual Plan/Mahere ā-Tau for 2019/20. The plan outlines $557 million worth of operational and $240 million worth of capital spending on seven priority areas – the environment, housing and community wellbeing, transport, sustainable growth, and arts and culture.

The major projects include the Prince of Wales/Omāroro Reservoir in Mount Cook, environmental projects, the Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the upgrade of the Town Hall and the St James Theatre. The plan includes updates on some of the big projects coming up in the next few years such as Let’s Get Wellington Moving and the Southern Landfill.

Although committed to these long-term projects, the average rates increase will be 3.9 percent. In line with the Council’s Revenue and Financing Policy, the plan also includes some changes to fees and user-pays charges, such as parking, landfill fees, alcohol licenses, sports ground fees, marina fees and dog licenses.

“The vast proportion of our annual spend is on fundamental services like roads, water, waste, sports fields, parks and community services, but we are also looking to the future to ensure Wellington remains one of the world’s most liveable cities,” says Mayor Justin Lester. “Our city is growing, Wellington’s population is expected to grow by 50,000 to 80,000 over the next 30 years. In addition to being able to cope with population growth we need to ensure the city is resilient in terms of seismic strengthening and climate change, which is why the Council declared a climate emergency last week.”

The plan, as well as changes to fees and user charges will come into effect on 1 July.


  1. Conor, 27. June 2019, 11:56

    Would like to see some new ways of raising revenue, like this
    Or this .

  2. greenwelly, 27. June 2019, 12:00

    What money was allocated for progress on the Library (either rebuild of replace)?

  3. Donald T., 27. June 2019, 12:10

    Rates up more than inflation AGAIN!

  4. Harry M, 28. June 2019, 8:57

    Why not prioritize recycling instead of just raising the price of everything? Set up a free area in the Tip store. Separate place for dumping timber. Sort it out.
    If you put the price of the landfill up, people will just dump garbage on the streets .
    If our services were not mismanaged ,out-sourced and privatized by stealth we would have a rate reduction.
    The only thing that is clear is that our rates and fees are still increasing .

  5. Kara, 29. June 2019, 9:50

    The convention centre is a “nice to have,” not a “must have” as social housing is. And low-cost access to recreation and exercise facilities is also very important. If rates and charges continue to climb, many people will look for cheaper areas. A 50,000 to 80,000 increase in population is therefore a dream.

  6. Andrew, 29. June 2019, 11:07

    Create decent waste transfer stations in the central city so people on foot can sort and dispose of recyclables etc in their own time. I thought Cr Pannett had proposed this a few years back. It makes sense with apartments going in everywhere.

  7. BrooklynBrooklyn, 30. June 2019, 0:00

    Eff the convention center, we need our amazing library back. What is the plan for Central Library? This is way more important than a new convention center.