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Hutt mayoral candidate wants bolder, more ambitious council

Media release from Campbell Barry
Back in April I announced that I was standing to be Mayor of Hutt City. With just three months to go until the election, it’s now time to launch my campaign.

Whether you look at transport, housing, or our city’s basic infrastructure it is clear that our Council needs to be bold and more ambitious.

While property developers have received generous handouts, our communities are facing higher rate bills. As congestion has got worse on our local roads, Council has failed its most basic duties and hasn’t developed a transport strategy. And when it comes to priorities — our council has racked up huge debt in a select few projects while infrastructure across our city has taken a beating.

It’s time for a change and a new chapter for our city.

I hope you’ll join me at my campaign launch to hear my vision and plans for the Hutt.

July 14, 2019 at 2pm – 3:30pm
Petone Rugby Club


  1. mason, 8. July 2019, 12:07

    I do not want a mayor who thinks the Melling interchange, extra motorway lanes to Wellington, the cross valley link and Granada link road are much needed good ideas.

  2. Dave B, 8. July 2019, 13:48

    But mason, remember that some people live in a parallel universe where there is no climate-change emergency. Just lots of happy motorists pootling around in problem-free cars and voting for more roads.

  3. Andy Mellon, 8. July 2019, 17:37

    I agree with mason. But in a world where both high profile candidates (Campbell and Ray Wallace) want these things, where’s the alternative? If I had to choose between Campbell and Ray, then I’ll choose the one who’s stated he’s going to end these corporate handouts. In the meantime I might go along to this to push Campbell on public transport and extending the Melling line to Kelson/Belmont at the same time as rebuilding the Melling junction.

    When I raised these issues recently as part of the annual plan consultation, the Council responder said the CVL is necessary because of climate change! Wow. Climate change will push the Esplanade under water so in order to future proof against this we should build more roads to induce more traffic and thus make it more likely the Esplanade will be submerged.

    On the other hand, the same person said that using the Gracefield branch for moving commuters onto public transport has no value.

    So, you’ve basically got a pro-car Council machinery which sees no value in public transport it would seem to me. In the meantime, residents of Petone should get ready to purchase a snorkel in the event the Esplanade is submerged (let’s ignore the fact that the preferred route for the CVL via Wakefield Street is barely higher than the Esplanade)

    In summary, I have very little confidence that any voting option would provide balanced transport investment for the Hutt.