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  1. michael, 19. July 2019, 12:27

    Why would anyone be surprised about these results. They are what people have been saying/complaining about for the past year. But it is good to see councillors getting out and taking some action.

  2. Michael Gibson, 19. July 2019, 13:30

    Excellent work, Councillors.
    For the third time this week (i.e. every time I’ve travelled) I’ve had to wait 20-25 minutes then four #2s have come within two minutes of each other.
    I have stopped complaining – I suspect that most others have also stopped so I do not want to see ridiculous statements like: “All is good, there are fewer complaints this month.”
    Keep at it, Councillors!

  3. Alan, 19. July 2019, 14:28

    Thank goodness both Simon Woolf and Diane Calvert are both seeking re-election to the WCC. Could do with pro-active people like this on the GWRC. Chris Laidlaw is finally stepping down at the end of this term.

  4. Kara Lipski, 19. July 2019, 18:15

    Strathmore Park residents who used to have a decent bus service would no doubt agree with the survey results. How many times must a group of people repeat the message that the present bus service to and from that suburb is now totally inadequate, before the GWRC actually does something. Strathmore Park needs immediate reinstatement of a service that is close to the 43 and 44. And it must follow the same route.

  5. Harry Welsford, 20. July 2019, 7:22

    Satisfaction with the Council services is down in all areas. The Council no longer seem to know what their role is or what they should be doing. They seem to focus mainly on releasing lots of self promoting spin in press and social media. And then pushing one eyed tunnel visions of unneeded and unwanted projects. “Service down rates up” … something is really wrong here.

  6. Marion Leader, 20. July 2019, 11:46

    It is definitely a step too far when the self promoting spin includes a huge Convention Centre and does not include the re-opening of the Library.