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Masterton photos by Andrew Ross on show at Photospace

Press Release – Photospace Gallery

This exhibition of photographs by Andrew Ross marks 20 years of showing his photographs at Photospace Gallery in Wellington.

Appropriately, the photos are of his home town, Masterton. But they’re not your usual scenic representations; rather, with a few exceptions, they explore the usually unseen and ignored views around the back of buildings and other overlooked or hard-to-access locations. The light quality is mostly not traditionally photogenic camera-club style, but is softer and more subtle; and for that, his darkroom-printed photos are full of much more tonality and nuance than the high-impact, high contrast snaps you see online. They are more like listening to music on vinyl – and extremely high-grade vinyl at that – instead of streaming from the ‘net.

Because of these qualities and Andrew Ross’s decades of dedication to photographing New Zealand’s built history before it quietly disappears, his photographs are sought after by private collectors and are represented in the permanent collections of institutions such as Te Papa, The Dowse, the Sarjeant Gallery, Wellington City Council Archives, Auckland City Gallery, et al.

Instead of the usual, boozy Friday night opening event, we’re having a mid-exhibition gathering on Saturday 27th July between 11am and 2pm-ish. You’re most welcome to come.

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