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Jenny Condie – a “blue-green” – becomes third mayoral candidate for Wellington

Jenny Condie today announced that she is standing for election as mayor of Wellington. Her announcement was published on Facebook and Twitter:

Earlier, she had announced that she was standing as a city councillor.


On her website, Jenny Condie describes herself as a Johnsonville kid and a Tawa mum. She has a PhD in accounting and entrepreneurship. She worked at The Treasury and taught at Victoria and Massey. She is a member of the Institute of Directors and is on the board of Civic, Tawa School, and Maanaki Montessori Education Trust.

And here’s her formal announcement:

Press Release – Dr Jenny Condie
Dr Jenny Condie is excited to announce her candidacy for the 2019 elections for Mayor of Pōneke Wellington city.

“To rise to the challenges of the future we all need to pitch in. Offering my skills as mayor is how I’m doing my part to futureproof Wellington for my kids.”

Jenny is a blue-green with a background in business and government. She has a PhD in accounting and entrepreneurship, and has worked at The Treasury.

“I’m a total nerd,” she admitted. “I’m someone who reads every line in a page full of numbers. I joked that my campaign slogan could be ‘Vote for Condie – she reads the fine print.’”

Jenny entered politics as a list candidate and Tax Spokesperson for The Opportunities Party in the 2017 election.

“I love teaching at University, but when I became a mum, I felt driven to get stuck in making the world better for my boys in concrete ways. I know it sounds super cheesy, but cliches exist for a reason!”

As mayor, Jenny will work across the left-right divide to improve business productivity in Wellington, while leading the city to a low-carbon future.

“I’m concerned about low productivity, climate change, housing affordability, and mental health. The good news is research from the Productivity Commission shows that the solutions to many of these problems are the same. We need compact neighbourhoods with frequent transit between them and public spaces, where we bump into each other to create social cohesion and business innovation.”

Jenny will focus on investing in projects and infrastructure that will deliver long-term future benefits for Wellington.

“Wellington can and should borrow more to pay for essential infrastructure, but we must not waste that funding on a spending spree of desirable but non-essential items. For example, I think having a world-class music venue at the Town Hall would be great, but having a central library is essential.”

A campaign launch and fundraising event will be held at Chipmunks Tawa on 24 August at 5pm. This will be a child-friendly event. Since the decisions we make now will affect our kids for decades to come, Jenny wanted kids and their parents to feel welcome at her campaign launch.


The two other mayoral candidates who have been announced so far are mayor Justin Lester, and newcomer Conor Hill.


  1. Concerned Wellingtonian, 8. August 2019, 18:47

    This could be exactly the person Wellington wants.

  2. Vee, 9. August 2019, 7:13

    Anyone but Lester!

  3. Conor Hill, 9. August 2019, 8:30

    Welcome to the race Jenny!
    Glad to see candidates sharing my thought on the library, and if Stuff is to be believed, the convention centre and the arena.
    Cheers, Conor Hill

  4. Goofy, 9. August 2019, 9:20

    She is just talking about the election buzz words and saying what is Council think. Which makes her the same old chip off the Council style block.
    None of the mayoral (or council) candidates resonate with me.

  5. TrevorH, 9. August 2019, 9:26

    Sounds promising and certainly appears well qualified technically. Lifting per capita productivity is a major challenge for New Zealand which the major parties have failed to address. A smoothly functioning transport network is fundamental; without it Wellington will die. Do we really have to wait a century for a second Mt Victoria tunnel (the first was completed in 1931)?

  6. Mary M, 9. August 2019, 10:05

    We definitely don’t need another tunnel next to the tunnel in Mt Vic.

  7. Voter, 9. August 2019, 12:00

    The northern ward could do with some sensible representation; it deserves at least one councillor who’s not in the mayor’s pocket.

  8. Jacky O, 9. August 2019, 12:16

    Great another leftist candidate!

  9. Mathew Biars, 9. August 2019, 12:37

    What difference does it make voting for a right puppet or left puppet? They’re all puppets in a big faux democracy and the puppeteers are all right-wingers.
    Ratepayers are without representation, all the Councillor puppets are in the string pullers’ pocket as pointed out by the National MP.

  10. Kara Lipski, 9. August 2019, 16:18

    It would be great to know what Jenny Condie considers are “non-essential items” in Wellington.