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Councillor Calvert is candidate for Wellington mayoralty – “city needs real leadership”


Media release from Diane Calvert
Wellington City Councillor for Wharangi/Onslow-Western Ward Diane Calvert has announced her candidacy for the Wellington City Council mayoralty.

“We know our city is special; the home of the arts, a creative capital, a loveable city that is remarkable. I believe in Wellingtonians, what we can do and how we can do it, but our city has fallen into a rut over the last decade.

“Our city needs real leadership that’s for Wellingtonians and not just the Beehive. Bold leadership built Wellington, and it’s time for bold leadership again.” said Calvert.

“Wellington’s population is growing and we need to support this growth with a stronger economy and integrated solutions in housing, transport and infrastructure for all our communities.

“Our leaders have to be courageous now, we can’t keep accumulating debt expecting our children to pay the bill”.

Calvert continued: “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” programme will not deliver what Wellingtonians need now nor in 20-years when it might be finished. That’s 20-years too late. Buses should be the top priority, not an afterthought. We can’t afford a programme that isn’t fit for service now and certainly won’t be fit for our city’s future needs.

“Our leaders have to be honest, they can’t afford to keep making promises they won’t live up to.

“Wellingtonians have had enough of overspending and secret deals. We want honesty, transparency, and accountability in decision making. Wellingtonians have had enough of promises without progress.


“I’m here to set the city on the right path for the next 30 years because I’m a Wellingtonian first and a politician second” concluded Calvert.


  1. Micky, 13. August 2019, 8:54

    We don’t need more “bold.” We were told the new plan for the new bus network with hubs was bold. We need top down wisdom.

  2. Patrick Morgan, 13. August 2019, 14:40

    All the best with your campaign, Diane Calvert. It will be a strong contest of visions for Wellington. [via twitter]

  3. Pauline, 14. August 2019, 9:43

    As Patrick says all the best. You are one of the few councillors who listen and take on public concerns and follow them up.

  4. Groggy, 14. August 2019, 13:06

    Actually Micky, we do need bold. We need some decisions made (eg the Library, town hall, civic square, transport) and actual progress achieved, not waffle, prevarication, feelgood climate declarations, rainbow crossings and side projects that will forever loose money (convention center, indoor arena, airport extension). There may be less infighting on this council but there has been precious little achieved.

  5. Micky, 14. August 2019, 16:50

    Actually groggy we don’t need more “bold” we need wisdom. You even prove my point by giving examples of some of the bold decisions already made by the city council like declaring a “climate emergency”, closing the undamaged library, pushing the convention centre etc.

  6. Hel, 14. August 2019, 22:15

    Wellington is a terrific city with so many great things. If this candidate thinks we are in a rut she needs to get out more and experience what a fantastic city we have.