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Conor Hill emphasises his independence as a mayoral candidate

Media release from Conor Hill
Mayoral candidate Conor Hill today welcomed Andy Foster as a new candidate for Wellington’s mayoral race, and said: “Today, one of Wellington’s only New Zealand First supporters announced his candidacy for the Mayoralty.

“Given his launch at Shelly Bay, he appears to be a single issue candidate. Along with housing, transport, the Central Library, the convention centre, and the airport, Shelly Bay is just one of the important issues facing Wellington. As Mayor, I’ll be focussed on all these issues, not just one. Of course, Andy Foster may be able to have his entire campaign funded by one individual so I can see the attraction for him.

“It’s a crowded field on the centre right, with many clearly chasing donors. Our current mayor has outsourced his housing policy to a private company, we’ve got the National Party throwing their weight behind one candidate, and we now have a NZ First candidate who could probably pay for his whole campaign from one donor’s contribution.

“I am of course independent, and will act in Wellington’s best interests.

“I think a warm dry home is a human right, and should take precedence over golf, landlord profits, or arbitrary council rules. I want to see quality public transport, streets safe for our children, and a city people can cycle around. The Central Library, Wellington’s democratic heart, must take precedence over a convention centre or an airport runway extension.

“If Wellingtonians are looking for an independent candidate that wants a better Wellington, I suggest they vote for me.”