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46 nominations for 13 seats on the regional council

Nominations for the Wellington Regional Council include Barbara Donaldson, chair of the transport committee responsible for what’s become known as the bustastrophe. She’s hoping to keep her seat in Porirua-Tawa, and she’s indicated she would like to chair the council, following the departure of Chris Laidlaw.

Poneke/Wellington ward (five councillors)

Thomas Nash – Green
Tony De Lorenzo – Independent
John Klaphake – Independent
Anand Kochunny – Independent
Roger Blakeley – Independent
Daran Ponter – Labour Party
Sam Somers – Sam the Man With the Plan
Lesleigh Salinger – Independent
Tony Jansen – Independent
David Lee – Get Wellington Moving
Philip O’Brien – Wellington Party
Troy Mihaka – Wellington Party
Victoria Rhodes-Carlin – Independent
Alexander Garside –
Yvonne Legarth – Independent
Glenda Hughes – Wellington Party
Bryce Pender – Fixing the Buses and Public Transport
Jill Ford –
Phil Quin –
Helene Ritchie – Independent
Deane Milne – Independent
Gavin Bruce – Independent
Ray Wilson – Independent

Te Awa Kairangi ki Tai/Lower Hutt Constituency (3 councillors)

Peter Glensor –
Prue Lamason – Independent
Ken Laban –
David Ogden – Independent
Josh van Lier – Green
Leonie Dobbs –

Porirua-Tawa Constituency (2 councillors)

Chris Kirk-Burnnand – Independent
Barbara Donaldson –
Roger Watkin – Independent
Jenny Brash – Independent
Phillip Marshall – Labour Party
Vaughn Liley – Independent
Natalia Repia – Independent

Kapiti Coast (one councillor)

Penny Gaylor –
Neil Mackay – Independent

Te Awa Kairangi ki Uta/Upper Hutt Constituency (one councillor)

Bill Hammond – Independent
Ros Connelly –
Steve Pattinson – Independent
Mark Crofskey – Wellington Party

Wairarapa (one councillor)

Adrienne Staples –
Richard L Moore – Independent
Pim Borren – Independent


  1. Michael Gibson, 17. August 2019, 7:41

    Barbara Donaldson is totally unsuitable to act as a Chair of a Committee, let alone a Council.

  2. Keith Flinders, 17. August 2019, 8:51

    Hopefully the electors will study the input of those standing again, and judge them on what they achieved in this current and past terms. The massive disruption of the public transport system in Wellington City can be substantially attributed to the irrational decisions made by the 2013 – 2016 GWRC councillors, including Brash, Donaldson, Laban and Lamason.

    Those four should shoulder their share if the responsibility, by following the lead of Kedgeley and Swain who are not seeking re-election.

    The sooner public transport responsibility is removed from the GWRC the better, as they have amply illustrated that they are incapable.

  3. Charles Finny, 17. August 2019, 11:06

    23 candidates for the regional council’s Wellington ward! Making a hash of the buses sure motivates participation…good on you all for having a go. [via twitter]

  4. Brendan, 17. August 2019, 12:20

    Do any of these people have any real qualifications in transport? A bus driver, train driver, taxi driver, truck driver. Somebody who has managed a bus, train or trucking operation? Maybe a tertiary qualification in transport planning, engineering? Hopefully somebody can organise a questionnaire for them to answer.

  5. Jane C, 17. August 2019, 12:55

    Are there more candidates now (23) because the bar is now set low its almost buried? How can you mess up worse? The GWRC should be scrapped.

  6. Lim Leong, 17. August 2019, 17:48

    @Brendan. I am not familiar enough with the Council but I imagine there are some parallels. In the commercial world, deep knowledge of the subject is not a compulsory requirement to become a board member. However, most commercial organisations would likely demand a certain percentage of board members having such knowledge.

    A critical requirement of a board member is broad general management skills across Product Development/R&D, Finance, Marketing and Operations. A Board member should be able to detect if a proposal/initiative does not smell right. Ask critical questions and if necessary seek independent expert advice before making a decision or signing off on a proposal. Another critical function of the Board is to hold the management team to account and to fix problems if there are business/operational problems. Let’s hope that there are sufficient capable people from the above list of candidates.