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  1. Paul, 19. August 2019, 8:48

    The biggest problem with the Golden Mile is the 30kph! It makes (it shouldn’t, but it does) pedestrians feel safe and able to just walk out, stare down bus drivers as they step out, or just go quickly as the traffic “has” to go slow. Look at the Terrace people crossing all over the place, but with much greater care.

    Yes there is the argument that if you get hit at 30kph there is less damage. Let’s try and stop people actually getting hit in the first place!

  2. Mike Mellor, 19. August 2019, 12:24

    The Golden Mile is a place where the presence of both pedestrians and buses is essential, so we need a way of ensuring that they mix safely (which is very unlikely to involve raising vehicle speeds).

    Focusing on “who to blame” is insufficient and divisive: what matters is looking in depth at why incidents happen, and developing strategies to stop a recurrence. Interestingly, this is what happens with non-road transport incidents (involving modes that are much safer than using the road), while for by far the most dangerous mode all we do is investigate with a view to prosecution – i.e., assigning blame. Look where that’s got us with road deaths!

    Using inaccurate terms like “jaywalking” (a concept invented by US car manufacturers to keep pedestrians out of the way of their vehicles) doesn’t help, either – in NZ it’s called “crossing the road”.

    And, by the way, the road safety charity is Brake, not BREAK – see