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Quasi, a face-hand, has landed on the roof of City Gallery

News from City Gallery Wellington
This morning, Ronnie van Hout’s Quasi was installed on the roof of City Gallery Wellington with the help of Wellington Helicopters Limited. The five-metre hybrid face-hand will be perched atop the Gallery for up to three years.

Initially commissioned by Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū in 2016, the public sculpture is a partial self-portrait of van Hout, and is based on scans of the artist’s own body parts.

Quasi is a joint project with Wellington Sculpture Trust and City Gallery Wellington, with support from Wellington City Council, Wellington Community Trust, and Richard Burrell.

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  1. Local, 19. August 2019, 12:45

    Ugly as – a blot on the harbour view ( or any view)! Like Dunedin’s teeth sculpture or part of Trump’s body…

  2. TrevorH, 20. August 2019, 7:22

    Simply repulsive. But are you sure it has been installed the right way up? I think it was meant to be a gesture of the Council’s regard for ratepayers.

  3. Goofy, 20. August 2019, 8:00

    An ugly man-faced severed hand – what a perfect symbol for the Council.

  4. Matthew Plummer, 20. August 2019, 8:30

    “Quasi graced the roof of the Christchurch Art Gallery following the 2011 earthquake. No longer required, it will haunt a Civic Square largely abandoned in the wake of our own 2016 quake” –– great, now we’re reduced to getting Christchurch’s shit cast-offs. [via twitter]

  5. Giovanni Tiso, 20. August 2019, 8:34

    I liked the Big Hand in Christchurch and I expect I’m going to like it here. Plus Wellington has the worst public art of any capital city in the world – I dare you to prove me wrong – so what are we even complaining about? [via twitter]

  6. Mathew Biars, 20. August 2019, 9:10

    Right you are Harry the constipated severed manhand is a new symbol for the WCC. The Council which can’t make sound decisions and so can’t act rightly. Imagine if after we paid a fortune for consultants we still took a year to make a decision. The same Council that has implemented many costly mistakes very quickly, without public consultation and without apologies.