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Delays for more than two hours after morning crash near Ngauranga

Traffic coming into Wellington this morning faced major delays after a crash near the Ngauranga interchange.

NZTA reported the crash at 6.55am. It was blocking one of the southbound lanes on the motorway.

By 7.30, southbound traffic was queued back beyond Melling.

The crash had been cleared at 8am. However NZTA said that delays remained.

At 8.35am there were still major delays on SH2 and throughout Lower Hutt and Petone. According to NZTA: the delays were starting to ease slowly. An hour later, all was clear.


  1. Steve Biddle, 20. August 2019, 8:36

    Major nose to tail accident. Four cars and a motorbike right under the overhead gantry that causes traffic to come to a sudden halt every day. Somebody needs to chop it down! [via twitter]

  2. Sarah, 20. August 2019, 9:08

    The overhead gantry isn’t the problem. It’s drivers not paying attention to surrounding traffic and following too close. If they kept a safe stopping distance they wouldn’t nose to tail. Can’t blame a gantry for driver error.