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Australian company buys Mana Coach Services, takes control of 66 Metlink buses

Press Release – Metlink
Metlink welcomes news today that Transdev Australasia have agreed on terms to acquire Mana Coach Services. The agreement, subject to regulatory approvals, means Transdev will be responsible for the 66 buses and Metlink bus services that will continue to be operated by Mana in the Wellington Region.

Barbara Donaldson, chair of the Wellington Regional Council’s sustainable transport committee, says the move is positive for the region’s public transport network.

“Transdev know the unique challenges of operating in our region, the topography, the growth and what customers expect in terms of services,” said Cr Donaldson.

Cr Donaldson also thanked the current owners of Mana Coach Services for their outstanding service and commitment to customers over the years.

“The team at Mana have been a genuine asset to Wellingtonians and an integral part of the new network,” added Cr Donaldson.

Mana Coach Services is one of Metlink’s four bus operators.

Transdev has been Metlink’s rail operator since 2016.

News from TransDev
Transdev Australasia today announced that it has agreed terms to acquire two bus operations in Auckland and Wellington, reaching agreement with Souter Investments to purchase Howick and Eastern Buses and Mana Coach Services. The move, which is subject to regulatory approvals, signifies Transdev’s confidence in the public transport sector in New Zealand, as more Kiwis move towards more sustainable forms of transport.

Transdev currently operates train services in Auckland on behalf of Auckland Transport and in Wellington on behalf of the Regional Council.

Transdev Australasia CEO Luke Agati said that the acquisition of these companies provides a great opportunity to strengthen public transport connections in the two cities.

“We aim to offer commuters the best possible transport solutions, and these new acquisitions will mean that we are in a good position to support our clients to improve connections between bus and train services in both Auckland and Wellington,” Mr Agati said.

Mana Coach Services’ fleet of 66 buses operates services on behalf of the Wellington Regional Council, as well as school and general charter services.

Mr Agati said there are no plans to change the management structure or operations of either business, rather the focus would be on ensuring a smooth transition and leveraging best practices from local and global operations.

“We have a long history of engaging and partnering with clients and communities in New Zealand, and our goal for the long term is to build on the good work that is being done and grow the networks in both Auckland and Wellington over time,” Mr Agati added.

The acquisition is Transdev Australasia’s first extension into the New Zealand bus industry, with the mobility provider currently operating bus services in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.


  1. greenwelly, 20. August 2019, 16:30

    Transdev’s ultimate parent is French, they used to be called “Veolia Transdev”

  2. Ms Green, 20. August 2019, 18:43

    Voila! Veolia! I am so relieved that according to Barbara Donaldson they “ know the unique challenges of operating in our region”… nobody else seems to! How come?

  3. Lindsay, 20. August 2019, 18:44

    Veolia are also the operator of Wellington city’s Moa Point sewage treatment plant, having done a deal with Wellington Water which describes them as “a world leader in water treatment plant management.” Veolia are also operating the Porirua Wastewater Treatment Plant, from where contaminants were recently discharged into Porirua Harbour. And last month Wellington Water signed an agreement with Veolia to take over the running of all four of the region’s wastewater treatment plants.

  4. Alan, 20. August 2019, 20:23

    I have no confidence that Barbara Donaldson knows anything about buses.

  5. Mathew Biars, 21. August 2019, 5:17

    This is not good news. Foreign multinationals grabbing assets and they don’t partner with communities at all as it’s all about profits for them. The Council are only good at one thing – raising the costs of services through their mismanagement.

  6. Mike Mellor, 21. August 2019, 10:25

    Mathew Biars – it’s swapping one overseas owner for another rather than an foreign asset grab. Mana’s current owner, InMotion, is based in Scotland, so it’s just a move of ownership from Perth to Paris.

  7. A. Robert, 23. August 2019, 0:07

    FYI, Veolia does not own Transdev anymore.

  8. David Mackenzie, 23. August 2019, 9:05

    “Who leads the group?
    Transdev is a “société anonyme” (limited company) with a Board of Directors, owned by Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia Environnement.” — from Transdev website.

  9. greenwelly, 23. August 2019, 10:06

    @ A Robert, True, Veolia does not own Transdev anymore, but the majority shareholder is Caisse des Dépôts, so it is still French rather than Australian..