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New (no parking) problem for Tranzurban buses

by Helene Ritchie
More bus chaos is likely next week because Tranzurban buses have nowhere to park, even if they have drivers. “Tranzurban have apparently been evicted from their Grenada depot from this Saturday and have nowhere to park their 100 buses,” says Helene Ritchie.

The lease in Grenada North expires on Saturday and no one seems to know where the buses will be parked next, least of all Tranzurban.


“The Wellington Regional Council should be warning the public of more and different disruptions next week because of this, but so far has remained silent for some inexplicable reason.

“This Grenada depot parks the buses which primarily serve the Northern and southern suburbs, Island bay and Porirua, if/when they have enough drivers.

“Tranzurban was contracted in 2018, and are the bigger employer of the two main contracts. They are supposed to service overall about seventy percent of the bus public transport system, but they not only have problems finding drivers, but also it seems will now have problems finding bus parks!

“Their poor work conditions for drivers require long hours of driving way beyond safe driving, minimal breaks and poor pay. I am told that at present, some drivers are starting (and then sitting driving) at 5.30 in the morning and not finishing until 7.30 p.m. at night. That is completely unacceptable on health and safety grounds and is just not acceptable in today’s work environment.

“Their drivers need far better working conditions. This has to be improved if they are to attract enough experienced and safe drivers and to ensure a reliable bus service for the public.

“Tranzurban should focus on attracting drivers, instead of cancelling 50 rushhour Wellington bus services from this Saturday.

“They also need to find some bus parks it seems.”

“We, the public need certainty and reliability, in our bus system, not this ongoing lurching chaos.”

Helene Ritchie, a former Wellington city councillor, is a candidate for the Wellington Regional Council.


  1. greenwelly, 21. August 2019, 15:01

    An interesting question would be “Was the regional council aware that Tranzurban has such a short lease on the site”, and what are the leases like on their other sites?

  2. Concerned Wellingtonian, 21. August 2019, 19:17

    greenwelly, basic due diligence would have sorted that out.
    There are lots of other problems with the contract for us to worry about as well.

  3. Gary Froggatt, 22. August 2019, 5:34

    The bus contract with Transit, the owner of Transurban, has been a disaster. Donaldson should resign over the lack of due diligence. The haste to get rid of NZ Bus has proved fatal. It is clear that the Snelgrove family were unprepared to take on a major urban contract. They have few depots with decent facilities and not enough buses & drivers. Rostering 14 hour shifts is unsafe and leaves no time for rest and family. It’s time for the Minister of Transport to revisit the Transport Act which allows bus and truck companies to work these draconian hours.