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Wellington.Scoop sets new record for readership

Wellington.Scoop has set a new record for readership.

In the last thirty days, we’ve had more than 103,000 page views. That’s 30 per cent more than a year ago, and the first time that we’ve exceeded 100,000.

We also have a growing audience on Twitter, with more than 4500 followers – also a 30 per cent increase in the last 12 months.

Wellington.Scoop was established in November 2008. We’ll soon be marking our eleventh anniversary.

Here’s one of our first articles.


  1. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 26. August 2019, 11:36

    Congratulations Wellington.Scoop! Your forum can be relied on for useful and intelligent articles and debate.

  2. Donald T., 26. August 2019, 14:52

    Must be an election!? Councillors existing and aspiring are looking at Scoop to see what they should put on their social media posts!

  3. Benoit Pette, 27. August 2019, 19:08

    Well done Wellington.Scoop! Quality journalism and healthy debates!

  4. Lim Leong, 28. August 2019, 17:15

    I would like to echo the above comments. Wellington.Scoop punches well above its weight in providing quality journalism and intelligent debate. Congratulations and Well Done !