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World relay for women motorcyclists comes to Wellington


News from WRWR
The biggest women’s motorcycle event is coming to Wellington – the Women’s Riders World Relay (WRWR).

Started by a woman rider in the UK in February this year, approx. 20,000 women are riding around the world, through over 90 countries, to raise awareness of women participating, and achieving, in Motorsport. The women are carrying a baton with the names of all the participants.

The baton arrives in NZ on 7th September, and women motorcyclists will be riding from Waitangi to Invercargill – 2,000kms over four days – before it leaves for Canada.

Over 300 women riders have registered for the NZ event, with 150 riders arriving at Parliament on Sunday 8th Sept, around 5.30pm.

Grant Robertson, Minister for Sport and Wellington Central, will be meeting the riders, and participating in a photo shoot of the 150 bikes in front of the beehive. He will also join us for a special photo inside the Beehive, where we will be recreating Marilyn Waring’s photo from her book, but replacing the male politicians with women motorcyclists.

You can see the NZ event Facebook page (search WRWR – Kiwi Styles), and the International event page (search WRWR – Women Riders World Relay).


  1. Amanda, 6. September 2019, 7:16

    So excited to be part of this ground breaking event! Keep an eye out for us on the road – give us a wave!

  2. Jenny, 6. September 2019, 7:22

    I am incredibly proud of NZ in the leg of this relay. We have the highest number per capita thus far. To see some 150 women riders rubling down our major highways coming into Wellington will be a sight to behold. Bring it on.

  3. Paula Craig, 6. September 2019, 10:43

    I am incredibly proud to be part of this me and my mum doing it together, and all the amazing woman who have put it together

  4. Cathy Agnew, 6. September 2019, 17:54

    Woo hoo!! I’m so proud and pleased to be a part of this positive international event for women riders!

  5. Eija, 6. September 2019, 18:54

    I’m so thrilled with this WRWR – women show their power riding on motorbikes and make a statement!
    I was proud to take part in WRWR in May here in Finland! Now I’m following the relay daily.

  6. Karen McMillan, 9. September 2019, 5:08

    What an absolute buzz💕🌺🌸🥰. We’ll all have a smile on our faces for a longtime to come.
    Thank you to the amazing organisers.
    Truly inspirational. xx

  7. Julia Maria Davey, 11. September 2019, 1:21

    I was so excited to be joining WrWr it’s a historical event, never done before by so many woman. I feel proud of my achievement of the conference of my own experience and feel blessed being united in the relay in NZ. Organised so professionally, the ride was safely achieved which makes all the difference to taking part and being able to enjoy … the ride into Wellington was just an amazing feeling and the sight of all those women bikes was a speechless feeling …. proudness right through my soul, parked up outside the BeeHive … I did it !!!