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Oil spill causes danger on roads from Lyall Bay to Red Rocks

The city council yesterday morning reported a large oil/diesel spill from Lyall Bay Parade right around to Red Rocks in Island Bay.

The council said a cleanup crew was on the way, “so please take care on the roads this morning and avoid the coastal route if possible.”

Later in the day the spill had spread from the coast up along both The Parade and Happy Valley Road.

Another council plea: “Please avoid driving in these areas while we get our traffic management and cleanup crews on site.”

Cycle Wellington added a warning: please pass on to anyone planning a weekend ride round the bays. There will likely be traces of oil even after the cleanup.

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  1. Kara, 15. September 2019, 9:36

    I hope the Council finds out which company is responsible for the oil spill soon. That company should be responsible for the clean up.