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Conor Hill announces mayoral plan for step change to fix Wellington’s housing

Media release from Conor Hill
Wellington mayoral candidate Conor Hill today announced his full housing package, including both social housing initiatives and plans to make it easier and cheaper for people to build homes.

Hill said “Homelessness, rents, and house prices have skyrocketed in recent years. It’s incredibly hard for young families, students, and many others to afford a home in Wellington. As Mayor I will pull out all the stops to ensure we do better at providing more homes.”

On social housing, Hill said “Our current mayor has spent a lot of time talking about other people’s initiatives, but has not spent a single cent of ratepayer money on building new social homes. I will change that, and will aim to build 750 social homes over the next 4 years. Wellington is the wealthiest city in the country with incredibly low debt. Given our grave housing crisis, we cannot afford to stand by and do nothing.”

Hill also wants to help ensure renters have healthy homes, and is calling on the government to allow for community facilities and homes on a part of the criminally underused Berhampore Golf course. Finally he’ll pressure Housing New Zealand to allow council tenants to be eligible for income related rents, making life better for tenants and the provision of council housing more affordable for Wellington City Council.

Thriving suburban centres are a big part of Hill’s platform.. He’ll discourage land banking, and remove silly rules that make building homes more expensive. Hill said “We can build thriving communities with more for people to do and better transport if we make it easy for people to build the right kind of homes. I’ll work hard to deliver attractive suburban centres throughout our city. I particularly want a thriving community both North and South of the Basin reserve, where currently it’s a bit of a wasteland.”

Hill said “The council has a big part to play in fixing housing in Wellington, both through allowing for more homes, and through building new social homes. As mayor I will deliver a step change in the provision of new homes in Wellington.”

My full housing package can be found here.


  1. Hel, 17. September 2019, 14:31

    Good luck building houses on the town belt.

  2. Curtis Antony Nixon, 17. September 2019, 21:52

    Berhampore Golf course is part of the Town Belt and as such is protected by law. Mr Hill’s suggestion that he or anyone could get this law changed is
    – a) disingenuous because as a political upstart (or should that be startup?) he does not have the support, backing, experience, or track record to even begin to do so;
    and b) a short-sighted bad idea.

    As the city grows more dense and more high-rise, from the CBD out to the inner suburbs like Berhampore, green space around us is critical to maintain our values of enjoying nature and recreation, and to not feel hemmed in and stuck in a concrete jungle like Tokyo? That is why our fore-parents had the vision and sense to put aside the steep, hilly parts of town that are hard to build houses on, for the Town Belt.

    As for the use of the golf course it is not fair to only include golfers in your assessment of its use. I and many others walk there, the local schools walk there and hold their cross-country races there, people walk their dogs, run, play frisbie and mountain bike through it. The environmental positives are enormous – I have seen native falcons hunt a flock of tui, plus kaka, rosellas, kingfishers, and yellow hammer flocks all thriving there.

    I would be willing to see the eastern side of the golf course converted to a mountain bike park with walking tracks and native planting while the western side could continue as a 9-hole golf course but no houses!

  3. Derek, 18. September 2019, 12:18

    Well said Curtis – you’d have my vote if you were standing.

  4. Groggy, 18. September 2019, 14:27

    @ Curtis, well said. The green belt is one of Wellingtons most precious Taonga and must be protected. Once the door is opened for it to be converted to housing it will be lost piece by piece.

  5. Curtis Antony Nixon, 18. September 2019, 19:13

    Thanks Groggy and Derek. Although I’m not running for anything I do have a petition that seeks to gather support for abolishing the Regional Council. Here is the link if you want to support it; and if you do also please share it with your family and networks: http://chng.it/wDbfGf7F

  6. Neil Douglas, 18. September 2019, 19:26

    Curtis – a great idea to abolish GWRC! I’ve signed your petition. We need a PTA with any political input provided from city/district councils. LGWM!

  7. Dave B, 19. September 2019, 12:47

    But Neil – the crux of the matter is that whatever organizational structure we have, it must be led and managed by people with competence, vision, and without damaging hidden-agenda or roads-first ideology.
    It is these things or the lack of them that have let the present GWRC down and would do so equally in any PTA or controlling local body. Getting the right people is much more important that changing the organization.