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  1. Local, 19. September 2019, 12:13

    Jenny Condie is running an excellent campaign-with substance and determination.
    She will be an asset – with her financial qualifications and experience, her focus on climate action, her clear and lateral thinking and as a young mother her care for future generations.
    She does not equivocate over climate action, -unlike Foster and Lester with their tunnels and four lanes to the planes, and who want it all in any order and will achieve none of it because of that. Their hypocrisy over climate change and polluting cars is so obvious.
    It is a pity Conor Hill did not stand in a more vulnerable ward….I like his social priorities more than I like Diane’s 4 lanes to the planes.
    Lester boasts that one of his main achievements has been getting the Council to work harmoniously…while standing on the campaign platform with two of his councillors determined to run against him! .

  2. The Cut, 26. September 2019, 9:09

    This is a good read and I agree with a lot of what you’ve said here. I particularly like the way you praised the first four who won’t make it, because it does take a lot of energy to put yourself up there no matter what. Anyway Mr Appleby I’d love you to come along to one or both of our Rates Cutz days this weekend & engage with our crowd. Free haircutz… just saying, no bribe!