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Climate crisis protests continue at Parliament


Report and photo by Roy Murphy
Wellington protestors met at Parliament Buildings yesterday in an ongoing protest demanding action on the climate crisis. Ollie Langridge (above), who protested outside Parliament for 100 consecutive days, and now protests every Friday, has increased his regular support from zero people to 60.

Next Friday, September 27th, many thousands of students and union members will join Landridge as part of New Zealand’s participation in the worldwide strike for action on the climate crisis.

The worldwide movement for the strike is seeing millions of people all around the world leaving school and work to demand action on the climate crisis.

The global strike takes place three days before the United Nations holds a Climate Action Summit in Manhattan. There is also a Youth Summit on Saturday where young leaders from around the world are engaging with global leaders at the United Nations.

New Zealand students have vowed to turn out for next Friday’s strike action despite some schools threatening suspension or expulsion if they participate. Some schools have set exams for that Friday in an attempt to force students to stay at school.

NYTimes: Day of climate protests


  1. Madeleine Simpson, 22. September 2019, 6:04

    These alarmists are causing psychological harm. There is now a new disorder from them called “eco-anxiety.”

  2. CC, 22. September 2019, 11:03

    Madeline – don’t be an alarmist yourself, it’s not a fatal affliction! When more people suffer from varying degrees of ‘eco-anxiety’ and act on it, the world will have a chance of supporting life for many more generations.

  3. Roy Murphy, 22. September 2019, 11:07

    Ms Simpson: If that is meant as some kind of disparaging comment, that’s nothing compared to the terminal harm the climate crisis will wreak on the human species.

  4. Dave, 22. September 2019, 13:31

    Well said Madeleine. People have never had it so good in NZ so they need something to complain about. Nice weather for a protest too.

  5. Morris Oxford, 23. September 2019, 7:53

    I am worried about being an eco-anxiety worrier. Please help!

  6. Curtis Antony Nixon, 23. September 2019, 8:03

    I’ll be there. I am as worried about global warming as nuclear weapons – both pose an existential threat to human life on our planet.

  7. D.W., 23. September 2019, 9:34

    There is too much human life on the planet! For the sake of all other life on the planet, humans need to stop breeding so much! It’s quite simple.

  8. CC, 23. September 2019, 10:03

    Morris – there will be a support group meeting with plenty of switched on young counsellors available on 27 September. No appointment is required.