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“I’ll get things done:” Conor Hill plans key changes in his first hundred days

Media release from Conor Hill
Like every mayoral candidate, Conor Hill thinks Wellington needs to change. Unlike any other mayoral candidate, Hill has plans to make some changes immediately. Hill said “Wellington faces a huge range of challenges. We need to move on these as quickly as possible. In my first hundred days, I’ll make some key changes.”

First out of the gates for Hill is making our city streets safer. Hill said “Our city needs to be safe for everyone. Our children should be able to get to and from school safely, and people need to be safe in our city and suburbs. I’ll introduce a safe speed limit of thirty kilometres an hour in the CBD, Newtown and around schools.”

Hill will also introduce a healthy homes package for renters. Hill said “Every Wellingtonian deserves a warm dry home. If tenants want to find out if their homes up to scratch, we’ll provide that service, free of charge. If the rented home doesn’t meet central government standards, tenants can get up to $4,000 from slumlords.”

An intra governmental taskforce to resolve Wellingtonians bus issues will be set up. Hill said “I want to work together with the Regional Council and NZTA to fix our bus issues. We need to work cooperatively, and get away from the blame shifting that has dogged our bus network recently.”

Finally, Hill wants to begin to reduce the number of pokie machines in Wellington. Hill said “I look forward to implementing a sinking lid policy for pokies in Wellington. As in many areas, the council is dragging it’s feet on it’s pokie policy review. I will get this completed in my first hundred days.”

Hill said “If you are sick of a paralysed council, vote for me. I’ll get things done.”