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Three years after the 2019 election – dreams are free

by Norbert Hausberg
The 2019 election results three years on – Jenny Condie won her Ward and became Deputy Mayor. Against all odds Norbert Hausberg won the Mayoralty. Conor Hill sneaked into his ward by three votes ahead of his contenders. Steph Edlin and Teri O’Neill got in the Motukairangi/ Eastern Ward. Humphrey Hanley and Laurie Foon made it in Paekawakawa/ Southern Ward. Tamatha Paul, Iona Pannett and Lee Orchard swept into Pukehinau/Lambton Ward and Rohan Biggs, Michelle Rush … the list could go on.

All predictions got blown up, what happened? The last minute rush of young people voting tilted the playing field dramatically. A change team was in and they wasted no time. A pedestrian corridor from The Beehive to the Embassy Theatre was established within two weeks. The public transport chaos was changed with the absolutely downright brilliant team Thomas Nash had under his leadership at GWRC. With him at the fore front, bus rapid transport was realised in the first 6 month. It became more frequent and cheaper as well.

The change avalanche had started and there was no going back. Zero waste came two years later and with the composting system we started, it set international standards.

Shane Jones realised what was going on and put billions of the Regional Economic Development Fund Into a fast rail network to Masterton and further to Gisborne. A trip to the Wairarapa was cut down to 30 minutes. The region came closer together.

The second tunnel for active transport became a problem as the funds ran out. Nothing can stop Wellingtonians. The citizens grabbed their picks, shovels and wheelbarrows and started under the supervision of tunnel builders and engineers to dig it by hand. The Movie industry caught on and decided to finance the lot and turned the tunnel into the Welliwood Tunnel. It got widened and has displays of all movies made in Wellington. It turned out to be a major tourist attraction.

Nissan came to the party and choose Wellington for a city wide trial of autonomous electric vehicles over 10 years. Get them with your app and they take to wherever in the city limits. Free of charge as Wellington is now autonomous with electricity generation. All the photovoltaic systems helped as well.

Transport hubs with medium density housing/shops/trades sprang up as the application process was streamlined. Small container villages emerged to help the housing shortage.

By that time the world noticed and we were not the coolest capital anymore but the coolest place on the planet and a beacon of hope for climate change, sustainability, transparency, affordable housing and justice.

Jacinda said good bye to Auckland and settled with her Family in Wellington. Just in time to announce that no cars needed in Wellington was a reality.

And this is only a snapshot of what went on in the last three years, it would fill pages and the coming three will really rock.

Yes dreams are free, so are nightmares. The Council and the Mayor of 2019 are elected, sworn in and nothing happens in the coming three years.

Norbert Hausberg is a candidate for the Wellington mayoralty.


  1. David Mackenzie, 4. October 2019, 14:16

    True but sad satire.

  2. Dave B, 4. October 2019, 16:55

    Here’s a real nightmare:

    – Three more arenas are deemed necessary to cover the full range of events that some feel are necessary for Wellington to attract. A 9,000-seat venue to plug the gap between the TSB-Arena (5655 seats) and the new proposed mid-range arena (12,000 seats), which of course needs building as well. Then a mid-to-large structure at 22,000 seats to cover between the 12,000-seat mid-sized and the 34,000-seat full-sized stadium which we already have.

    – Two additional convention centres are planned to make sure Wellington attracts conference bookings ahead of Auckland, Hamilton, Dunedin or Queenstown. According to the business-case Wellington will suffer “inexorable decline” without these. Chinese roof-top gardens are proposed for each building, as a gesture of goodwill towards the hoped-for clientele.

    – The Michael Fowler Centre is found to be an earthquake risk and will close until further notice. Strengthening is considered beyond the ability of ratepayers to afford.

    – A 6-lane Inner-city flyover is deemed vital to bypass the Inner-city bypass, which has become gridlocked since the opening of Transmission Gully. Plans for a rapid transit alternative had to be shelved because the amount of hot air being generated by the consultation process was threatening to derail the city’s emissions-reduction commitments. As an interim measure, 24ha of the harbour between the railway station and Oriental Bay are to be reclaimed for free car-parking, essential to counter the drift of weekend shoppers to Lower Hutt’s Queensgate and Porirua’s North City Plaza.

  3. Benny, 4. October 2019, 19:30

    Shame your dream didn’t take you to the airport where a big dent in greenhouse emissions could have been decided by putting a lid on it. Although, when it comes to autonomous vehicles, I’d have chosen Tesla, but ay, what do I know.
    But nice dream, though.