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  1. Gillybee, 8. October 2019, 17:38

    “Agree a ‘New Deal for Transport’ with Government to advance Basin and Mt Victoria tunnel duplication. Undertake public consultation on new bus priority programme.”

    So it’s Andy ‘four lanes to the planes’ Foster, bankrolled by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. Should he win it remains to be seen if all the consultation he’s promising is with the voters or his wealthy backers.

  2. Leviathan, 9. October 2019, 7:23

    That’s a bit unreasonable Gillybee. Let’s be honest – Mt Vic tunnel as it is – it’s a disaster. Outdated, dangerously overcrowded, smelly, fume-filled, noisy, it just simply is not the right solution for today’s world. They built that one back in 1931 and it is time we built a better tunnel. We can build a better tunnel today and it does not need to break the bank. We do need it though.

    The crucial thing is though: what are we going to put in it? Is it just going to be 2 more car lanes as you imply, or is it going to have better solutions for walking and scootering and cycling? Will it be only for public transport or will it have cars upstairs and a tram route downstairs? Could it be just for public transport and not for cars at all? Those are the public-focused decisions that need to be made first…

  3. Brendan, 9. October 2019, 9:55

    We need a second tunnel now and it has to be tolled.

  4. Gillybee, 9. October 2019, 10:41

    Questioning Foster’s post-election loyalties is more than reasonable given that his other principal backer is Fran Wilde, who together with Paul Swain was largely responsible for laying the foundation for the ‘Bustastrophe’ during her 2007-2015 term as chairperson of the GWRC. She’s managed to avoid the fallout because people have short memories. Documents freely available on the GWRC’s website tell a story that thoroughly implicates her.

  5. Pepper-Anne, 9. October 2019, 11:48

    We don’t need another tunnel.
    I agree with Gillybee and am not happy that this sounds like a declaration Foster’s been appointed by business interests .
    “If voting did anything we wouldn’t be allowed to do it”.GC

  6. Andy Foster, 10. October 2019, 7:42

    Gillybee and therefore Pepper-Anne – your comments’ credibility are really undermined because you have mixed up Fran Wilde (former Mayor. GWRC Chair until early 2016) with Fran Walsh (filmmaker). I can confidently say that Fran Walsh had nothing whatsoever to do with Wellington’s bus service changes.

    Leviathan – thank you. A second tunnel is a way of reducing existing congestion. It is also an already well signalled way of vastly improving the current walking and cycling connection between the eastern suburbs and central city. (separated from traffic noise and fumes and wider pathway). I think that in the planning it is also well worth considering whether it should included specific PT capacity (3rd lane?). It has to be a lot cheaper and more direct than the current plan to go via Newtown and an additional tunnel.

  7. Kelly M, 10. October 2019, 8:43

    Mr F. I feel your comment obscures the truth as Pepper-Anne did not even mention the name Fran Walsh (let alone mix her up with someone else).
    Pepper alleged you’ve been appointed to serve a certain group’s business interests and I agree with her.

  8. Gillybee, 10. October 2019, 9:02

    I was a big fan of Fran Walsh back in the day when she played bass in the Wallsockets. Happy days!.

  9. Gillybee, 10. October 2019, 9:54

    Just to be clear, it was my mistake to confuse Fran Walsh with Fran Wilde. Sorry Andy.

  10. Ruz, 10. October 2019, 12:45

    Foster’s list of priorities is so ambitious that it borders on the unbelievable. Some of his proposed actions will require full council agreement, unless of course he thinks being mayor gives him Trump like dictatorial powers. My challenge to him is: if he is voted in as mayor, will he resign if he fails to achieve everything on the list?

  11. Carbuncle, 10. October 2019, 14:06

    I dunno Ruz, has Justin resigned after failing to achieve his wish list?

  12. Curtis Nixon, 10. October 2019, 17:19

    I am amazed at the proliferation of local political electioneering, rhetoric, rebuttal, advertising signage and scuttlebutt that we have in the days and weeks leading up to elections. There needs to be a law against it. Seriously, I think that part of the reason people are disillusioned with local elections is the sense that it’s all rigged and nobody can change that. The incumbents generally have a massive advantage due to name recognition: apart from that it’s my observation that people vote tribally in the sense of following their family, workplace or sports clubs’ preferences.

    Pepper-Anne – Nice George Carlin reference!

  13. Andy Foster, 10. October 2019, 22:56

    Gillybee – thank you ! I am glad we cleared up the identity confusion between the two Frans !

    Ruz – my promises are ambitious. I have always believed in stretch targets but not in promising the unattainable. The key message I’ve heard from many hundreds of people – is they want to get important stuff done! They are tired of little of substance happening, and IMO looking at Justin’s list in Stuff today – there’s not much new or stretching there.
    Of course most of my promises need Council support – actually that is entirely normal. If you said candidates could only promise what they could do without the support of their colleagues, then the lists of promises would dry up almost completely! The trick with getting things done is to propose what makes rational sense, and to build support from councillors, from officers, from the public and from other parties. For example you would have seen the comments from the Region’s Mayors and the Chamber of Commerce about Let’s Get Wellington Moving in today’s Dom Post /Stuff. I said I would talk with the Mayors and I have talked with several of them – media got interested and hence the article. I have also been talking today with management about papers to get my issues on the table. So I am already working on delivery.

    Kind regards, Andy