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Ray Wallace defeated by Campbell Barry for Hutt mayoralty

The new mayor of Lower Hutt, Campbell Barry

The mayor of Lower Hutt has been defeated in the local elections. With 95 per cent of votes counted, Councillor Campbell Barry, who is 28, has been elected as mayor with 13,420 votes, defeating incumbent mayor Ray Wallace who received 11,462 votes. Barry stood as a Labour candidate, while Wallace was an independent.

Voters wanting change

Press Release – Hutt City Council
Initial local body election results, referred to as progress results, have been received for Lower Hutt. For the first time since Hutt City Council was formed in 1989, the city has a mixed representation model. This means that, as well as electing a Mayor, residents are electingsix ward councillors – one councillor for the ward where they reside, with six wards in total. Electors have also chosen six ‘city-wide’ councillors alongside their ward councillor.

Initial voter turn-out for the 2019 election was 38.69%, being 28,563 votes, excluding votes in transit to the processing centre and special votes. This compares to 37.5% in 2016 and 36.6% in 2013. This result is based upon the counting of approximately 95% of the returned votes.

Preliminary results will be known once all ordinary voting papers have been processed. These are likely to be updated on our website on Sunday. Final turn-out is expected to top 40%.

Final results will be available once all special votes have been processed which is likely to be on 16 October. A declaration of the final results will be publicly notified as soon as we are able to publish these. This is expected to be 18 October depending on the clearance of special votes.

Progress results here.


  1. Grant Robertson, 12. October 2019, 15:00

    Brilliant result for Campbell_Barry winning Hutt City Mayoralty! Superb, committed Labour campaign. [via twitter]

  2. Justin Lester, 12. October 2019, 15:06

    I want to thank Ray Wallace for years of committed and hard working service to Lower Hutt. It’s been good to work with you on behalf of the Wellington region. [via twitter]

  3. Greens at Vic, 12. October 2019, 15:11

    Congratulations to Campbell Barry, now the youngest Mayor in the country! [via twitter]

  4. Helene Ritchie, 12. October 2019, 15:16

    Congratulations to Campbell and the Hutt!

  5. Mark Cubey, 12. October 2019, 15:21

    With Goff returned in Auckland and Campbell Barry taking the Hutt, got to assume Justin Lester is safe home in Wgtn. [via twitter]

  6. Concerned Wellingtonian, 12. October 2019, 19:09

    Labour’s wins in Auckland and the Hutt show how mistaken it was for Labour to back the very misguided Lester.
    If Labour is serious about Lester’s abilities and Hillary Clinton-like election appeal, then Grant should surely make way for him in Wellington Central. If not, not.

  7. Laura Dooney, 13. October 2019, 9:09

    Lower Hutt now has a 28-year-old mayor. Is this what the youth quake looks like?! [via twitter]

  8. Robyn Dehn, 13. October 2019, 10:38

    Fantastic result. Look forward to changes and a new approach.