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Justin congratulates Andy

Statement from Justin Lester
I want to congratulate Andy Foster on his campaign and wish him all the best. I remain proud of what we’ve achieved over the last three years as Mayor – a focus on social and affordable housing, securing the best deal for Wellington’s transport future with Lets Get Wellington Moving and leading the way for our city to be both the best little city and the fairest little city in the world.

I am incredibly proud of the team and their hard work.

I want to congratulate the newly elected Councillors; Rebecca Mathews, Teri O’Neil, Tamatha Paul, Jenny Condie, Laurie Foon and Sean Rush. I am thrilled that we have a majority of women around the council table!

I hope that the Council will build on everything we achieved in the last triennium, and remain future focused for the city.

I love this city and will continue to be involved in our community and advocate strongly for the things that matter.

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  1. michael, 13. October 2019, 17:31

    Nice one Justin. Good luck with your future.