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LGWM seeking specialists to write a business case for Golden Mile improvements


News from LGWM
The first ‘request for tender’, for the Golden Mile business case, has now closed and we expect to award this contract in early November. This will be followed by the contract for the Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road business case.

The business case will set out a plan for delivery and will fully assess the benefits and costs.

The Golden Mile is actually a mile and a half long (2.4 kms) and runs from the beginning of Lambton Quay to the end of Courtenay Place

The Golden Mile project will identify early improvements, including trials, so we can test some ideas.

These early improvements and trials will be part of long-term plan, which will include changes to the layout of street space to help more people travel along the Golden Mile in fewer vehicles. You could see more priority for buses, signal improvements, bus stop improvements, wider footpaths, and more high-quality spaces for people to enjoy.

In November, we’ll be asking what improvements you’d like to see. Your feedback will help guide options which we’ll share in mid-2020.

This week we met more than 250 representatives of the professional services industry to brief them on the upcoming ‘requests for tender’ for business case work on the large components of the LGWM programme.

Mass rapid transit, improvements at the Basin Reserve and an extra Mt Victoria tunnel are complex projects and will require substantial planning and design. We need specialists with a strong understanding of Wellington, combined with international expertise in planning, design and implementation of mass rapid transit. We also need to ensure these projects are integrated with the wider programme so they work together in the best possible way for Wellington.


  1. Traveller, 18. October 2019, 8:14

    So they’ve already decided on an extra Mt Vic tunnel?

  2. Local, 18. October 2019, 8:47

    I recall that the LGWM papers accompanying the May announcement showed that work had already started on the Mt Vic tunnel…P. 64 (maybe) or elsewhere in them – check those documents…that is why the announcements were just confusing and contradictory spin.