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  1. Helene Ritchie, 18. October 2019, 9:53

    Ian this is a very astute observation of councillors’ skills and aptitudes matched with most of the City’s current and future priorities. Andy could just adopt it and get on with..well fixing the library and opening it??

    Where does natural environment; oversight of major construction projects, and review of District Plan fit? Who would chair strategy and finance? The mayor?

  2. can5far, 18. October 2019, 16:39

    Hi Ian, Fleur Fitzsimons apparently works 20 hours a week for the PSA, is the Women’s deputy leader for the Labour Party, is a Trustee on the Island Bay School Board and has a young family. Does the Council and the Southern ward lose out?

  3. Ian Apperley, 19. October 2019, 15:34

    Hi can5far, yes. The most effective Councillors over the years are those who have made the role full time. It’s a fantastically demanding job as it is, without having other work as well.
    Helene, I’d put the natural environment under Resilience, projects under City Projects, and agree with your last statements.

  4. michael, 19. October 2019, 18:54

    I cannot find any information for 2018/19, nor figures for councillors not in charge of committees, but I note that in 2016 councillors voted that the salaries of councillors in charge of committees be increased from $94,450 to $95,869. I hope that there is some form of contract specifying expectations of hours worked for monies paid, or are ratepayers just shelling out money with little oversight of the commitment received?