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Andy Foster confirmed as mayor, defeating Justin Lester by 62 votes

News from WCC
Andy Foster has been confirmed as Mayor of Wellington by a majority of 62 votes in the final results of the Wellington City elections, released today.

Mr Foster secured 27,364 votes, ahead of the 27,302 votes for the runner-up, Justin Lester.

The final count has not resulted in any changes to the preliminary results following last Saturday’s election.

Report from RNZ
The ousted mayor of Wellington has signalled he might seek a recount. Justin Lester has tweeted:

“Special votes are in. The Mayoral contest is down to a 62 vote majority. It sounds like there will be a recount. Might not quite be over yet…”

Mr Lester later said he would have discussions about a recount, though he was not entirely sure of the process.

“Sixty-two votes out of fifty-odd thousand is not many. Some of those might change,” Mr Lester said. “But look, I’m realistic, Andy Foster’s the mayor-elect and at this stage I’m still wishing him all the best.”


  1. Dave Armstrong, 18. October 2019, 14:54

    If there’s a recount between Justin Lester and Andy Foster and it’s tied, I have a perfect solution. Both play masters football. (JL-Div 1 Nth Well AF Div 5 IB). A penalty shoot-out for mayoralty with Phoenix GK (or Dianne Calvert) in goal before a Nix game would fill the Cake Tin. [via twitter]

  2. Conor Hill, 18. October 2019, 15:13

    Combined with every other result – city and regional council – Andy Foster has an extremely limited mandate. [via twitter]

  3. Reed Fleming, 18. October 2019, 15:20

    Iif the recount results in a tie, the wellington mayoralty is actually decided by each candidate guessing which bucket on the bucket fountain will tip first. Not many people know that. [via twitter]

  4. greenwelly, 18. October 2019, 15:27

    If Lester did have a recount and win, I’m guessing that Rebecca Matthews would get tipped out as a councillor for Onslow-Western, as Foster would likely be successful as a candidate in that ward? ( that he did stand in).

  5. Curtis Antony Nixon, 18. October 2019, 16:17

    Geez Conor, time to change your diet from sour grapes.

  6. Man-Date Night, 18. October 2019, 16:43

    Conor, is there a sliding scale of mandate based on how many votes somebody receives? Andy won a democratic vote. Even if it was by one vote he has a mandate to do whatever he wants.

  7. Michael Forbes, 18. October 2019, 16:59

    We shouldn’t be all that surprised if Wellington’s mayoral contest is headed for a recount. Peter Jackson never could resist a sequel. [via twitter]

  8. Graham Atkinson, 18. October 2019, 17:23

    Ken “Landslide” Comber won Wellington Central by 27 votes in 1972 so , in comparison, Andy has a whopping majority

  9. Marion Leader, 18. October 2019, 19:12

    As a footnote to Graham Atkinson’s talk of the 1972 “Landslide”, Lester’s Labour predecessor in 1972, David Shand, is back in New Zealand and was unlucky as a CCDHB candidate.

  10. Farmer Bill, 19. October 2019, 9:22

    Well said Curtis A.N. I was thinking of the same but thought it sounded a bit sour to say so. Happy charisma is what a Mayor needs. A Tim Shadbolt or a Mark Blumsky or a Boris Johnson!