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Overhead power failure repaired overnight on Kapiti line

News from Metlink
The traction crew have worked throughout the night on the Kapiti line to repair the damaged overheads for morning peak services.

Due to limited carriages stored at Waikanae and Paekakariki overnight, three morning services were affected:

The 5:00am service from Waikanae to Wellington was replaced by buses.
The 5:30am service from Waikanae to Wellington was replaced by buses.
The 6:00am service from Waikanae to Wellington ran with reduced carriages.

Wellington.Scoop – October 21
There were problems for peak-hour travellers on the Kapiti line this afternoon. Metlink says it is dealing with damage to overhead power lines between Mana and Paekakariki, which has stopped train services between Plimmerton and Paraparaumu.

News from Metlink
Train services out of Wellington will be stopping at all stops between Wellington and Plimmerton.

We now have more bus replacements running between Plimmerton and Waikanae. Some bus replacements my be delayed due to heavy traffic.

The traction crew are now on site and have inspected the power issue. There is some damage to the overhead and they are working to repair it. This repair is expected to continue throughout the night.

Some services will be bus replaced in the morning due to carriages not being in their correct place for the morning peak.


  1. Gwynn Compton, 21. October 2019, 17:52

    Kia ora Metlink. Appreciate you’re doing all you can, but are you able to provide more advice around bus replacements please? Your website suggests replacements only between Paremata and Plimmerton, no word if anything is being provided to go further north on the Kapiti Line. [via twitter]

  2. James, 21. October 2019, 17:54

    The kapiti line is kaput once again! This service reminds me of Russia during the collapse of the Soviet Union.