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  1. Local, 22. October 2019, 20:53

    At present it’s looking like one and a half…just saying, just answering your question!

  2. michael, 22. October 2019, 23:12

    Not even two weeks after the election and we are faced with this kind of appalling behaviour. It does not bode well for Wellington over the next three years. When are these WCC councillors going to get the message to stop pushing their individual political views and biases and focus on what is going to be good for Wellington!
    Stop throwing your toys out of the cot and try to act like mature and rational adults for a change, and we might get something done.

  3. Inflorescence, 23. October 2019, 7:29

    This has Fleur written all over it.

  4. Conor Hill, 23. October 2019, 7:58

    The key skill for any Mayor is to be able to build majorities among a diverse set of councillors. The rest of Wellington will find out soon if Andy has those skills.

  5. TrevorH, 23. October 2019, 8:21

    Typical Left-wing behaviour, driven by ideology and allegiance to their political parties rather than Wellington. We have seen far too much of this over the past decade and Wellington has suffered as a result. Pathetic.

  6. Traveller, 23. October 2019, 8:40

    Evidently the six rebel councillors weren’t paying attention when Andy said the right thing in his NewsHub Nation interview on Sunday:
    “The first thing is to get the council together — working together. It’s not going to be particularly easy to do that. What I’ve got to do is put together a package of responsibilities that the people are going to be happy with and that we can all contribute.”

  7. George G., 23. October 2019, 8:52

    3 more years then another election and 3 more years….

  8. GillyT, 23. October 2019, 9:07

    TrevorH. The Wellington Party are the National party rebranded
    Ideology cuts both ways.

  9. Sue, 23. October 2019, 10:38

    Michael, totally agree. We are all so over the division, start working together and stop throwing your toys out of the cot, we elected you thinking you were mature grown ups! Come on, ratepayers want Wellington to move ahead.

  10. Concerned Wellingtonian, 23. October 2019, 12:25

    GillyT, where is the influence of The Wellington Party in all this?

  11. Brendan, 23. October 2019, 12:42

    Move ahead but in which direction Sue?

  12. michael, 23. October 2019, 13:38

    TrevorH: I do hope you are right. If Andy Foster is going be faced with this kind of outrageous behaviour for the next 3 years, little will change for Wellington, and there will be even less people willing to vote next election.
    If this lot can’t behave like professionals and earn our respect, why do we need them. They are just costing us money for nothing.

  13. Conor, 23. October 2019, 16:16

    Exactly Sue! Really looking forward to Andy working with, instead of against his councillors.

  14. Hel, 23. October 2019, 20:41

    This was always going to be Andy’s biggest issue, bringing people along with him.

  15. Libra, 23. October 2019, 21:17

    A huge contributing factor regarding why Lester got voted out was that a large number of Wellingtonians felt disenfranchised by what happened on his watch.

    If Foster (a right-leaning mayor elected by a hairline in a left-leaning city with a majority-left regional and city council) is a politician worth his salt he’d know that it’s in his long-term interest to develop a meaningful working relationship with his team.

  16. Ms Green, 24. October 2019, 9:54

    That’s just about all he needs to do – develop a meaningful workable relationship with councillors (and staff) and give them each a long leash to perform for the city in their areas of interest. I am sure he won’t settle for that, but he’s a figurehead now, not the councillor he still seems to want to be….(and may still become again?)

  17. Ms Green, 24. October 2019, 10:11

    Lester should have been complaining about the integrity of the election and postal system before the outcome, not after he lost. In fact he and the Council probably had the power to change from the postal system – which had problems that were evident from the outset and before. If that were allowed as grounds for a recount, then many candidates would seek it! No judge would grant that!