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  1. Ian Apperley, 25. October 2019, 18:01

    Beautiful analysis

  2. Conor, 25. October 2019, 19:05

    Shoved a tonne of money at Peter Jackson for starters.

  3. Brendan, 26. October 2019, 9:13

    Greens do well at local elections because the silent majority are also an apathetic majority.

  4. TrevorH, 26. October 2019, 12:46

    You nailed it PCGM. All of which means Wellington is irrelevant when it comes to setting Budget priorities and will continue to atrophy.

  5. Ruz, 26. October 2019, 19:35

    I never voted for any party hacks. I researched each candidate carefully and eliminated from my voting paper:

    Any sitting councillor or mayor on the basis that they have already had their turn

    Any candidate who was publically affiliated to any of the main political parties

    Any candidate who was standing for the city council and the regional council or the Capital and Coast DHB. These people just want to get meeting fees and and regular supply of free sausage rolls and raspberry slice.

  6. michael, 29. October 2019, 8:50

    Until Wellingtonians wise up and become a marginal seat we will never get any government support but be “used” by local politicians for their own political aspirations.

  7. PCGM, 29. October 2019, 20:49

    I see there are now calls in the media for Transport Minister Phil Twyford to be sacked over delays to the Auckland light rail decision … yet here we are in Wellington, languishing after at least 5 years of procrastination and dither on Let’s Get Wellington Snoozing, and no-one is calling for anyone’s head on a platter. That pretty much underlines how irrelevant Wellington is in the political calculations at the Beehive. And it also underlines how pointless it is to elect party hacks to the council, because they have exactly zero sway over the members of their own party who are deciding not to invest in Wellington.