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Mayor Andy Foster names portfolios for all city councillors

News from WCC
Wellington Mayor Andy Foster has announced portfolios for his 15-strong Wellington City Council team.

“Each councillor will progress projects in their portfolio and be the spokesperson for that area,” Mayor Foster says.

“They will take a strategic and policy leadership role in their area. Each councillor will have to work in a collaborative manner with other portfolio leaders, and council officers, to achieve their objectives.”

Mayor Foster said he had consulted with each councillor before allocating them a portfolio which matched their experience and interests.

“Many councillors will continue their good work in the portfolios they had in the previous triennium. The six new councillors have shown keenness to get on with the job in their areas.”

The Councillor portfolios are:

Mayor Andy Foster
Transport and Urban Development

Spatial Plan and District Plan
Let’s Get Wellington Moving
New funding tools (Including central government funding)

Deputy Mayor Sarah Free
Associate Transport

Let’s Get Wellington Moving (associate)
Public Transport Infrastructure

Cr Iona Pannett
Associate Urban Development

District Plan (shared with Mayor Foster)
Civic Square
CBD Apartments Resilience
Weathertight buildings
Building Resilience
Consenting – One stop shop
Place-making and Community-led planning (shared with Cr Rush)

Cr Sean Rush
Associate Urban Development

Place-making and Community-led Planning (Shared with Cr Pannett)
Urban Development Agency
Alternative energy
Infrastructure (3 Waters)

Cr Diane Calvert
Economic Development

Cr Simon Woolf
Sport and Recreation

Cr Malcolm Sparrow
Associate Resilience

Community Resilience and Emergency Preparedness

Cr Nicola Young
Arts, Culture and Events

Associate Urban Development
Central city projects
Associate Economic Development
Civic and Global Partnerships

Cr Laurie Foon
Waste Minimisation
Associate Economic

Sustainable small business

Cr Jill Day
Maori Partnerships
Associate Community Well-being

Play spaces and programmes

Cr Jenny Condie
Associate Transport

Traffic Resolutions

Cr Fleur Fitzsimons
Community Well-Being

Social Housing and Housing Partnerships
Libraries and Community Facilities
Community Services
Public Health

Cr Teri O’ Neill
Natural Environment

Parks, beaches and open spaces
Conservation attractions
Associate Community Well-Being

Cr Rebecca Matthews
Community Engagement
Consultation, information and engagement
Associate Community Well-Being
Living Wage

Cr Tamatha Paul
Climate Change
Associate Community Well-Being

City Safety and Youth


  1. Brendan, 8. November 2019, 9:15

    So who is in charge of drains, rubbish collection, street cleaning and pot-hole filling? I couldn’t see these tasks listed. Oh and who is charge of earthquake stickers? Hopefully nobody.

  2. Seymour G, 8. November 2019, 9:48

    Forget about key services, Town Hall, the Library and existing problems. It’s all about being the first to zero.

  3. Sarah Free, 8. November 2019, 15:46

    I hold the public transport infrastructure portfolio which will be about delivering bus priority including bus lanes. As for the rest, it’s up to the Regional Council! But we will hope to have some influence… [via twitter]

  4. Ian, 8. November 2019, 22:41

    Thank you Sarah. Public transport infrastructure is an essential component of the provision of a seamlessly integrated public transport system. We must begin development plans for the transport hubs that will turn them into safe convenient, dry and warm places where we may have to wait a few minutes for the next connecting service. These are places for development of convenient commercial services for the travelling public. The land on which these places are developed must remain in the ownership and under the control of our local governments. Hubs built across public roads, such as in Johnsonville, are completely unacceptable. Transit oriented development along the spine rapid transit (light rail) routes and particularly around the transport hubs is essential. Please get a handle and long term vision on this with some urgency.