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Regional Council wants more govt action on climate change

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
A Regional Council submission on the Resource Management Amendment Bill Has urged the government to do more on climate change. Chair Daran Ponter says the Select Committee, as a matter of urgency, should consider an amendment to the RMA to support the implementation of the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill, which would give local government more power to consent based on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Greater Wellington recently announced a goal of being carbon neutral in its activity by 2030.

“But to achieve the broader reduction goals and targets in the Zero Carbon Bill, it is fundamental that the RMA provides a pathway for local government to assess activities that may have impacts on climate change.

“We have submitted consistently with the same message on the Zero Carbon Bill, the discussion document for a proposed National Policy Statement – Urban Development and the RMA Amendment Bill to highlight the need to address the current deficiency,” Cr Ponter says.

The submission is also supportive of the government’s efforts to speed up freshwater planning. However, concerns remain about the practical implementation of the suggested new process, Cr Ponter explains.

“As we have seen with recent climate marches on New Zealand’s streets, there is an expectation that firm action is taken on climate change. We need to ensure all the immediate and obvious tools in front of us are equipped to help us effect change.”


  1. TrevorH, 10. November 2019, 17:34

    The GWRC looks for another role beyond its competence to make a total mess of.

  2. Lezie McGrind, 11. November 2019, 8:50

    Are the GWRC’s failed services and deficiencies now to be swept under the rug to pursue the Loch Ness monster carbon zero scheme?

  3. Keith Flinders, 11. November 2019, 10:26

    I would have thought that the GWRC could start now by looking in-house at climate issues related to emissions they could control.

    For the past three years what have they done about replacing the trolley buses with clean electric ones? The answer is nothing at all. They blamed NZ Bus for not getting to a deal with converting the 50 redundant trolley buses to battery operation. Then they waffled on about evaluating new electric buses instead of the conversions, but haven’t produced a plan. New bus operator Transurban on their own volition introduced 10 double deck battery buses which, if one is lucky, can be seen plying Wellington north – south routes.

    A council which continues to employ those responsible for bustastrophe, and who still haven’t managed to sort the issues for Karori/Northland and eastern suburbs users in particular, are going to expect much different for the next 3 years ? Inadequate bus services have seen an increase in private car use, the exact opposite of what we should be expecting.

  4. Gareth Hughes, 11. November 2019, 12:27

    It’s ridiculous that sections 70 and 104 of the RMA block councils from considering greenhouse gas pollution. This is our major environmental law & it has to account for climate change. [via twitter]

  5. Ruth, 11. November 2019, 15:31

    Lead by example here GWRC. Do something about those electric buses you promised.

  6. Kelly M, 11. November 2019, 16:39

    They scrapped the electric trolley buses. And then they declared an emergency and bought a fleet of diesel buses.

  7. Roy Kutel, 11. November 2019, 20:53

    Well spotted Kelly M and the chair of GWRC gets $174,000 in remuneration for such wisdom! Need to abolish it asap.