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Wellington needs an influx of talent, says recruitment director

Press Release – Robert Walters
Election year 2020 will boost public sector employment demand as the government presses ahead with major projects, says Robert Walters New Zealand Director Shay Peters.

“Delivering outcomes such as affordable housing, access to education and breaking cycles of poverty will require an influx of talent to Wellington and regional areas,” Peters says.

The jobs market will be impacted by increased demand for contingent labour, with government contractors required in program and project management.

“Similarly, additional hiring is needed to progress major transport infrastructure in Auckland.”

Infrastructure employers will be on the hunt for a range of engineering professionals, and ancillary service employers in accountancy, legal and procurement will be seeking contractors to assist with the increase in short term-focused project work.

The Treasury estimates infrastructure projects worth $6.1 billion are in the pipeline .

Another area anticipated to create demand for skilled workers is the rollout of the government’s research and development tax audit scheme. With a budget of around $1 billion, the R&D tax credit is expected to significantly lift spending across the economy. Callaghan Innovation and Inland Revenue, the enablers of the scheme, forecast that around 3,000 businesses will take advantage of the initiative. This is expected to create demand for highly skilled employees in both the private R&D sector and the state-run CRI’s, Universities and other ‘approved’ suppliers of R&D services.

Peters says demand will remain strong for staff with a range of specialised tech skills in 2020.

“The commoditisation of data is affecting organisations in every sector of the economy, and employers will compete for the services of a relatively small supply of data scientists and analysts.”

As digital transformation sweeps through organisations large and small, professionals with skillsets in DevOps, UX and UI are in high demand.

The survey also predicts hiring managers in the banking and financial services sectors will struggle to find talent with experience in the regulatory, compliance and risk management areas. Employers in New Zealand are adding extra rigor to these areas in the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission inquiry into conduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services sectors, and other overseas scandals.

“For hiring managers looking to recruit talent in all of these areas, speed is essential,” says Peters. Managers need to move quickly and decisively during the recruitment process, or risk losing out to competing offers.

“The most compelling proposition will be one that includes flexible working, strong culture, professional development and wellbeing initiatives.”

Sourcing talent from overseas with the support of a recruitment partner with international hiring capability is a way to counteract local talent shortfalls, Peters says.

Robert Walters’ annual Salary Survey, in its 21st year, offers the New Zealand market’s leading guide to the salary expectations recruiters can expect to find among candidates across a range of professions.

To read the full report and gather more insights on specific industries go to https://www.robertwalters.co.nz/salary-survey.html

About Robert Walters:

Robert Walters is one of the world’s leading global recruitment consultancies, specialising in the placement of permanent, contract and temporary positions across all levels of seniority.

Our teams of professional consultants are renowned for their professionalism, integrity and exceptional recruitment consultancy.

Robert Walters has two offices in New Zealand, one in Auckland and the second in Wellington.

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  1. Kelly M, 15. November 2019, 11:02

    Data as a commodity in the information age. But as we can see, there is an overwhelming amount (most not shared and much “massaged” ) and not many people out there who are wise or intelligent enough to understand it and to use it for good. There is a lot of unused/misused talent in Wellington. So it’s a shame that this report sounds like a plan to import foreign workers.

  2. Meredith, 15. November 2019, 11:49

    Let’s hope we at last get some Wellington/NZ born CEO’s at Wellington City Council and Te Papa for starters. We’ve got heaps of talent here.
    How about employing some of our talented female “ boomers” ready, experienced and wise….instead of continuing the rampant ageism, sexism etc ..now and long prevalent.

  3. greenwelly, 15. November 2019, 13:28



    “It is understood there are two current WCC employees who have expressed interest in Lavery’s role, at least one of whom is an ELT manager. JacksonStone Partners are managing the recruitment process and are believed to have limited the job search to New Zealand candidates only. “

  4. Mark, 15. November 2019, 14:54

    Agree Kelly and this gap between conceptual intelligence and wisdom is the largest its ever been.

  5. Geoff, 17. November 2019, 21:14

    We need to bring in more people to fix the housing problem … an oxymoron if I ever heard one. We all know these companies just want to cream as much money as they can, same as banks and real estate people.