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Face to face: two councils meet to plan close working relationship

News from WCC
Wellington Mayor Andy Foster says the Wellington City Council looks forward to a close working relationship with the Wellington Regional Council as they tackle issues facing the city. The two councils met today so that new and old Councillors, and senior management, could meet face to face.

“There’s a lot of new faces on both sides of the table and our newly elected Councillors know we will need to work well together on problems facing the city,” Mayor Foster says.

“We are very keen to do that. We are working together with the New Zealand Transport Agency to seek feedback on Golden Mile priorities and CBD speed limits right now, and initially we will be focusing a lot on public transport.

“Early in the New Year we will be engaging together on bus priority – we know Wellingtonians want action, and that’s what we aim to deliver. I look forward to a productive relationship and delivering for Wellingtonians with GWRC.”

Regional Council Chairman Daran Ponter echoed the Mayor’s sentiments, saying a number of initiatives, regionally and across the city, could only be achieved with the two councils working together on joint solutions.

“It was great to hear from Councillors from both sides on what success looks like for ratepayers going forward.

“The city has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Let’s Get Wellington Moving, and it is up to both councils to bring it to life and help transform how people live, move around and connect to the regions in the very near future,” says Cr Ponter.


  1. Marion Leader, 18. November 2019, 17:31

    For goodness’ sake, get the buses working!!

  2. Meredith, 18. November 2019, 19:59

    Marion you clearly don’t understand …”fixing the buses” was just to get elected, and a free lunch. Any councillors going to find the drivers and fix the buses now?

  3. Alf the Aspirational Apteryx, 20. November 2019, 7:19

    Plenty of fine catering opportunities available here to help promote meaningful dialogue and fruitful cooperation.

  4. Kara Lipski, 20. November 2019, 10:05

    Message to the WCC Mayor . . . please also meet with all the affected bus users in Wellington city. Bring the LGWM personnel along too so they won’t be working with blinders on. A few examples for you to examine:

    1. even though the 18E has been rescheduled to run throughout the day, the off peak service is pitiful – it only runs once per hour and I suspect (from what I heard from Metlink) that there is only ONE bus. If the “driving around in circles” Miramar No.18 can be freed up, then the 18E would then run half hourly.

    2. The No.12 from Strathmore Park needs to travel to the CBD via the Basin as there is a medical centre (not just the After Hours) opposite the Basin Reserve. Since Tranzit happily runs its “not in service” buses down Constable Street, ONE NZ Bus traveling down Adelaide Road surely won’t hurt that company.

  5. John Lawes, 20. November 2019, 14:20

    Two councils wouldn’t need to be meeting to try and solve problems affecting Wellington if amalgamation had proceeded.

  6. Keith Flinders, 20. November 2019, 17:27

    John Lawes: If the Wellington Super City had come about, then we would have had a Grand Duchess in overall control surrounded by an upper echelon making all the decisions. Local ward representation would have had community boards without any powers other than to decide what biscuits to order for the afternoon teas. The public were thought to be insufficiently educated to be involved with decision making.

    It was this undemocratic model that saw thinking residents of the region smell a rat and toss the entire idea out. A better model might have seen amalgamation, or partial amalgamation. As to if an amalgamated authority could do any better with public transport is debatable. Like the current GWRC, they would likely continue employing the same people who visited bustastrophe upon us, and who are still employed 18 months later with most of the issues still not remedied.

  7. Roy Kutel, 20. November 2019, 17:44

    JL – better still – get rid of the GWRC, create a Public Transport Authority and if necessary get some city/district councillor representation on the board.