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Sewage leak, now a water leak, on CBD intersection


News from Wellington Water
As part of the sewer works on the corner of Willis Street/Dixon Street, a water leak has been identified. We will be completing this repair tonight between 11pm-3am. This will involve water being shut off.

Water is expected to be back on at 3am, however if there are any delays we will notify the Wellington City Council who will share this information on their social channels. Noise will be minimal, and affected businesses/residents have been informed.

Full traffic flow will be maintained through the intersection, with existing traffic management in place due to the closed shoulder on the Northern Western corner of the intersection.

News from Wellington Water – November 26
On Saturday we contained the sewer leak at the corner of Willis and Dixon Streets by diverting it out of the stormwater network back into the wastewater network.

Crews are continuing work to investigate and repair the leak which is expected to continue throughout this week, with the potential to continue into next week.

We will share an update on the expected time frame on Friday. Please follow the stop/go traffic management, or avoid this route if possible.

Test results on harbour water quality have come back confirming the water is safe for swimming. We are taking down the warning signs this afternoon.


Wellington.Scoop – November 20
A sewage leak at the corner of Willis Street and Dixon Street is affecting the inner Wellington Harbour, with people being warned to stay out of the water, specifically in the Whairepo Lagoon.

Wellington Water reports:

We have narrowed down the location of the leak to a 10m long concrete chamber at the North/Western corner of the intersection and will continue carrying out investigations to understand the extent of the issue. From this investigation we will form a construction plan to repair the concrete chamber.

We expect these works to continue throughout the day from 9am-4pm for at least the next week. We will continue with the current stop/go traffic management, however any changes to the works area may alter the traffic flow.

The leak is affecting the inner Wellington Harbour, so we continue to warn people to stay out of the water specifically in the Whairepo Lagoon.

We are carrying out testing in the Harbour and will advise of the results.


  1. Hel, 21. November 2019, 20:48

    This is the sort of thing that just makes me crazy. While the Council blathers on about climate emergencies and carbon zero, it is responsible for polluting our harbour through straight out negligence in carrying out its role of looking after the key infrastructure. Wellington really deserves better than this and some butts on the exec team need kicking!

  2. Brendan, 22. November 2019, 6:58

    A bit harsh there Hel. Leaks happen – the good news is the leak has been found and something is being done. A wider problem is the old age of infrastructure and the cost of maintaining, repairing and renewing it. The Council is too obsessed with new wish-list projects (like conference centres) and not about keeping our existing essential assets functioning well.

  3. Concerned Wellingtonian, 22. November 2019, 7:47

    Brendan, I think that Andy Foster’s mayoralty will be very different from the Labour chap’s. Hopefully, obsessions about “special” projects are a thing of the past.

  4. Carl S, 22. November 2019, 8:31

    Helen I totally agree.
    Concerned Wellingtonian – If only, but it sounds to me like the same Council agenda is still running. Having political parties in local govt is outdated. They are divisive, and always caught up in and acting for their party.

  5. Concerned Wellingtonian, 29. November 2019, 8:57

    Carl, yes, I too am worried that remnants of Lester’s Labour policies are still exerting behind-the-scenes influence. Did this manifest itself in the selection of Committee Chairmanships etc?
    Whatever, it seems that things are actually being pretty well organised.
    (On this subject, I wonder if the letter from Labour under Grant Robertson’s signature asking for a party vote in the election was chiefly responsible for creating some decent and, in fact, decisive resentment from Wellington voters including from many Labour Party members.)