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Taxpayers Union questions city councillor’s second job

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In the wake of Wellington City Councillors voting for a 28 per cent increase in their base salaries, the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is questioning Iona Pannett’s decision to take a second salary.

Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says: “Iona Pannett is engaged in an extraordinary case of double-dipping. She’s paid by ratepayers for the full-time job of being a City Councillor, while also collecting a second sizeable salary as CEO of Birthright NZ.

“Ratepayers forking out $111,000 for Cr Pannett’s full-time salary should expect her to be engaged in the role, not moonlighting for 30 hours a week running a nationwide NGO.”

A Wellington City Councillor is generally expected to work 30-50 hours per week. The Taxpayers’ Union has been informed that Cr Pannett spends around 30 hours as Birthright CEO.

“To make things worse, Birthright is largely taxpayer-funded, meaning Cr Pannett drinks from two public gravy pots at once.

“As for the latest pay hike at Wellington City Council, it casts doubt on the Remuneration Authority’s fiscal sense. If the authority is willing to reward a heavily-indebted council with large pay rises, how can we trust it to determine MP salaries?”

The Prime Minister gave the Authority the charge of determining MP salaries in August this year.

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  1. michael, 22. November 2019, 23:27

    I note the increase is to the councillors’ base salary, so what extra perks do they get on top? And, if councillors are expected work at least 30 – 50 hours a week, what controls are in place to record the hours they do work? If councillor Pannett does work 30 hours a week elsewhere, how can she do justice to her council responsibilities, and rationalise taking a full-time salary from the ratepayers?
    And, why should we be expected to pay for councillors’ lunches? Like the rest of us they are being paid to do a job and should have to pay for their own food.