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160 more car parks for commuters from Waterloo


News from Metlink
On Monday there will be a soft opening of the Waterloo Park and Ride expansion with 160 new car spaces open to the public for use, including 5 new accessible spaces.

An official opening will take place on Friday 13 December at 4.30pm. The Regional Council’s Chair Daran Ponter will speak about the opening of the carpark and the commitment to sustainable transport.

Work began in July to build the 160 new carparks at Waterloo Station to address the demand for more park and ride spaces.

The new car park site is located on the old bus depot and includes improvements such as storm water rain gardens, CCTV surveillance and improved accessibility access. Vehicle access to these car parks is on Pohutukawa Street, as seen on image above.


  1. steve doole, 8. December 2019, 12:04

    What a way to ruin the feeder bus services! The regional council seems clueless about public transport, and pollution, and climate change. Isn’t council policy and main function to promote sustainable travel ?

  2. Wellington Commuter, 8. December 2019, 13:54

    It’s also noteworthy that the GWRC has invested tens of millions in free commuter parking at railway stations and nothing at major bus hubs (it’s GWRC policy to only build car parks for rail commuters).
    Sure more free car parking will encourage more to drive to the rail stations but the GWRC also gives free bus rides to holders of Rail Monthly passes as long as they are outside Wellington City so perhaps this will encourage some to not take their car.
    Meanwhile long neglected Wellington City bus users are still being consulted about bus improvements …

  3. luke, 8. December 2019, 16:09

    What a waste of prime real estate. Per square metre, carparking produces significantly fewer transit riders than transit-orientated development.

  4. James, 9. December 2019, 9:46

    Is the Regional Council going to provide pedestrian access from the end of Cudby Street into and through the new car park?

  5. glenn, 9. December 2019, 13:01

    @luke, so how do you propose people get to the train then?? and do you have figures to back up that statement?