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Nicola Willis launches petition for second Mt Victoria Tunnel

Media release from NZ National Party
The National Party is today launching a petition to bring forward construction of a second Mt Victoria tunnel as part of a balanced transport plan for the capital, Wellington-based National MP Nicola Willis says.

“Wellingtonians don’t want to spend another decade wasting their lives in gridlock while politicians fail to deliver the infrastructure our capital city needs.

“By pushing back construction of a second Mt Victoria Tunnel, the Government is consigning Wellingtonians to more years of going nowhere.

“The Let’s Get Wellington Moving project identified the second Mt Victoria tunnel as key to unlocking the Basin Reserve chokepoint that has dogged Wellington for years.

“Unlocking traffic-flow on this important section of SH1 needs to be done alongside planned improvements for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users.

“The Government was told another tunnel should be prioritised to improve traffic flow on SH1, allow for growth and alleviate the increased congestion that construction of Wellington’s mass transit network will create.

“By ignoring officials, and bowing to the wishes of Julie Anne Genter instead, Transport Minister Phil Twyford has delivered a gut-punch to Wellingtonians who are crying out for action on transport.

“We’re calling on Kiwis to make their voices heard by signing our petition by email or online.

“If elected in 2020, National will build the infrastructure that Labour is neglecting and give motorists something in return for all the extra tax this Government is hitting them with.”

National’s petition can be found here


  1. Dave B, 11. December 2019, 17:54

    Julie Anne Genter is one of the few parliamentarians who knows anything about transport. She should be listened to. The National Party is of the mistaken view that you can solve traffic problems with policies that encourage more traffic and neglect alternative modes. Its adherents remain stuck in the 1970s.

  2. Wellington Commuter, 11. December 2019, 22:21

    If Julie Anne Genter is such an expert on transport and advised Transport Minister Twyford to postpone building the second Mount Victoria Tunnel, then don’t you think the public should see her advice to him? If Assoc Minister Genter had such a compelling argument and any supporting evidence that convinced Minister Twyford to follow her advice instead of the advice from the transport experts at Let’s Get Wellington Moving, why can’t we see it?
    The problem with the Minister’s decision is that he has not provided any evidence or advice from Genter or anyone else to support it. This leaves him open to a claim that the decision to postpone the tunnel was based on ideology and politics rather than evidence and sound logic.

  3. glenn, 12. December 2019, 6:15

    @dave b ……….you’re kidding, right?

  4. TrevorH, 12. December 2019, 7:40

    @Dave B: It is not roads that have produced the congestion which makes a second Mt Victoria tunnel necessary, it is the numbers of people now arriving by air or living in the rapidly-expanding infill housing on the Peninsula. If Shelly Bay goes ahead, we are in for a daily traffic disaster.

  5. Brendan, 12. December 2019, 8:53

    Well said TrevorH! There has hardly been any increase in the road network in the Wellington region in the last 30 years. Traffic growth is due to more people living in Wellington and visiting it. We need the Melling interchange improved now!

  6. Keith Flinders, 12. December 2019, 9:46

    What is the point of a second Mount Victoria tunnel only. It will not address the congestion issues by itself, only make more “parking” space for vehicles in at peak times.

    If the National Party spokespeople were to come up with a composite plan to address the issues related to traffic through Te Aro, in particular, then more might be inclined to listen to what they have to say. A regurgitated “four lanes to the planes” scheme is not going to meet with popular approval, just as the Basin flyover didn’t.

  7. Marion Leader, 12. December 2019, 11:22

    TrevorH – Shelly Bay can’t possibly go ahead with the present plans. The road access and who pays for it has also been deliberately fudged in the official reports given to the last council.

  8. Dave B, 12. December 2019, 13:18

    @ Glenn: “. . .you’re kidding, right?”.
    No, I’m deadly serious. The previous three Ministers of Transport (Joyce, Brownlee and Bridges) had no prior experience in transport at all. Their philosophy was “whatever the problem, the answer is build a new motorway”. Julie Anne Genter with transport-planning credentials is aware of the futility of this. She is trying to help us break out of the car-dependency trap, rather than perpetuating the problem.

  9. luke, 12. December 2019, 14:37

    If you want more people driving more often, build more roads. Melling interchange, transmission gully, four lanes to the planes, Petone to Grenada, cross valley link road, four lanes to Levin. A multi billion dollar traffic inducing spend up.

  10. TrevorH, 12. December 2019, 20:25

    It’s only inertia that keeps me in Wellington now, and the view and a fondness for the “handyman special” we bought nearly four decades ago and have spent so much of our earnings upgrading. Wellington is rapidly going backwards. I am in a cafe in the Waikato again and this place is humming, a total contrast.

  11. Dave B, 13. December 2019, 1:32

    Sorry to hear that TrevorH, but if you leave for the Waikato I’m sure there are many currently-frustrated home-seekers who would happily snap up your lovingly restored residence here. I don’t think Wellington is going so “rapidly backwards” that it is deterring the huge demand to live here. Are you sure it’s not just you that is getting itchy feet?

  12. Brendan, 13. December 2019, 9:43

    Yes, Luke let’s get those road projects built and get Wellington moving and reduce the emissions from cars stuck in traffic jams.