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Wellington Gardens become CarbonZero certified organisation

News from Wellington City Council
The Wellington City Council is proud to announce that the Wellington Gardens have achieved certification to be a Toitū CarbonZero organisation – businesses working together to sustain the future of our environment and economy.

The three year certification was given to the Wellington Gardens after a rigorous process which included operations at the Wellington Botanic Garden, Otari-Wilton’s Bush, Truby King Park and Bolton Street Cemetery.

The process began in September 2018 when David Sole, the former Manager of the Wellington Gardens, was motivated by Botanic Gardens around the world taking on an activist role and advocating for sustainability and being proactive in the face of climate change.

Wellington Gardens Manager Rewi Elliot says this an incredibly significant moment for the Gardens and staff who have all worked really hard in order to achieve this certification.

“It is a demanding process to become CarbonZero as you have to record all information around energy and consumption across all areas of operation, at all times. We are really proud to have achieved this certification and are looking forward to seeing more organisations around Wellington do the same.”

The focus was on four key areas – reducing waste, energy consumption, travel and fuel.

Some of the initiatives Wellington Gardens have introduced include reducing their energy by reviewing how they manage their glasshouses, and by turning off lights and computers when they are not in use. They have reduced waste by removing rubbish bins across the gardens with the idea that ‘what you bring with you is what you take out with you.’

“This has encouraged the public to think about their waste and take responsibility for what they purchase and bring with them to our spaces,” adds Rewi.

In terms of travel, the Wellington Gardens team have future plans to reduce travel to meetings both nationally and regionally. They have also reduced fuel consumption by progressively replacing power tools to with electric models. Next on the list is moving their entire car fleet to EV or hybrids as each car comes up for replacement.

Natural Environment portfolio lead, Councillor Teri O’Neill, says it’s important that the City Council leads the way for a better collective future for the capital.

“Wellington Gardens join Wellington Zoo and Zealandia under the Wellington City Council umbrella moving towards Zero Carbon. The Council itself is Toitū Carbonreduce certified, and continues to look at ways to minimise and manage the impact we have now, and the footprint we leave behind,” says Councillor O’Neill.

Within a fortnight there will be a ceremony where Toitū will present the award to the Wellington Gardens.

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  1. Neaven Grady, 13. December 2019, 14:11

    A garden “certified” as carbon zero how inane. Come over and certify my garden as carbonzero… wait don’t because it’s unneeded bureaucratic nonsense. Whose garden plants are emitting C02 instead of eating it up?

  2. Catlin Makery, 14. December 2019, 1:11

    Agree with you Neaven, it sounds like insanity to me too.

  3. Greta Wonderbird, 16. December 2019, 7:27

    Are they going to drive a turbine from the methane emissions of their compost heap?

  4. Johnny Overton, 16. December 2019, 12:25

    Whoopty doo, how (green wash) cool is that. The ruling liberal elite need their heads red!! Surviving the imminent repercussions of dwindling resources, climate change, water shortage, over population & environmental degradation will require declaring a state of emergency & wholesale future proofing action on a national scale. Continuing to vote for our current globalisation parties simply justifies & perpetuates the liberal establishment’s short-term electoral cycle thinking, she’ll be right attitude & do nothing tinkering. The kids need to wake up to the fact that meaningful change will only come about by taking matters into their own hands. This will involve such things as coming up with radically new way of life models, & committing themselves to putting such alternative experiments into practice. Yes this will require personal sacrifice & 100% commitment to finding ways to adapt & survive in a future world that’s about to get even more volatile & bleak. Nothing short of taking radical unilateral steps to bring about a more localised parallel society & alternative economic & political systems will do.

  5. Greta Idiota, 16. December 2019, 13:38

    Quick we need to criminalize lawnmowing, hedge-trimming, pruning, and tree cutting.

  6. Dave B, 16. December 2019, 13:51

    Joking apart, CO2 and CH4 emissions from bio-waste are not really a problem since these add zero additional carbon to the eco-system. They are part of a natural equilibrium between growth and decay, both emitting and absorbing carbon. “Carbon-neutral” if you like.

    The real culprit is fossil-carbon that has lain safely buried for millennia, only to be dug up and liberated into the eco-system. This definitely adds carbon. Big distinction.

  7. Barney Bubble, 16. December 2019, 16:31

    Dave B – pity the dinosaurs didn’t compost trees. But they did live with five times as much CO2 in the atmosphere. Had it coming then, didn’t they, dinosaur-induced climate change! Or was it an asteroid that wiped them out not CO2?

  8. Mark, 16. December 2019, 18:18

    Dave who is the culprit? And for what crime? Carbon, CH4, methane or Co2 ? You’re a carbon based life form and you breathe out c02.
    C02 is an innocent and yet vilified gas that has been wrongly accused of a crime it did not commit.

  9. Dave B, 16. December 2019, 20:34

    @ Mark: What part of “safely buried for millennia, only to be dug up and liberated into the eco-system” don’t you understand? Not wanting to get into a debate as to whether CO2/CH4 really is causing global warming or not (I’ll leave that to the “experts”, and sure enough you can find one to support whatever theory you have made your mind up on). But yes, *some* CO2 in the atmosphere is good, and necessary for life. *Too much* CO2 in the atmosphere we are told, promotes global warming through the “greenhouse effect”. We are adding too much, not by breathing and farting (that’s biogas), but by digging and burning (that’s fossil gas). Of course the majority of experts may have it wrong and somehow the more carbon we pump into the atmosphere the nicer the world will become, but I am prepared to take their word that extracting millions of tons of carbon from the ground every day and burning much of it in our finite atmosphere is not the recipe for a healthy planet.

  10. Mark, 17. December 2019, 5:59

    Dave. “We are told” is the giveaway on how all this started. “We are told the earth is flat” was a popular old dogma gifted from experts. That said I agree fossil fuels emit pollutants (not referring to small part of c02). And then it’s a simple matter to switch to solar energy and electric cars. You may ask why a carbon industry that does nothing but take money out to the 1% is going to be the recipe for a healthier planet?