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Regional Council wants a climate adviser (part time only)

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
Following its declaration of a climate emergency, the Regional Council will further sharpen its focus on addressing climate issues by appointing a climate specialist to advise its newly-formed climate change committee.

“We’re boosting the expertise available to this committee to underpin significant policy decisions which will over time affect people across the region,” says the council’s Climate Change Committee chair Cr Thomas Nash.

“This is an important and exciting position – and crucially at governance level – which will be at the heart of policy development on the most pressing threat facing the region.”

The new role, advertised today, is part-time, non-permanent and based in Wellington. It is ideally suited to a climate specialist with extensive governance experience.

The new council established a climate committee in November to bring more focus to climate issues. It oversees and informs the development and review of its strategies, policies, plans, programmes and initiatives from a climate perspective. The council’s mana whenua partners will nominate one or more members to the committee.

The committee will also review the implementation and delivery of climate change policy and provide effective leadership on this for both the council and the region.

“The council’s strategy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure a climate-resilient future for our communities. To help us achieve that we’re looking for someone with skills, attributes and knowledge at governance level that can make a positive contribution to the climate committee and complement the skills and knowledge of its existing committee members,” says Cr Nash.

Find the application details here


  1. greenwelly, 18. December 2019, 16:41

    The new role,… is part-time, non-permanent

    Sort of says a lot really ….

  2. Bozo the Clown, 18. December 2019, 17:34

    Simultaneously the govt is creating its own team of climate change advisors. Shows how the Council are just mirroring puppets of central govt.

  3. Farmer Bill, 18. December 2019, 17:55

    The Wairarapa has a part-time climate change person too. Coincidence or what. I’m presuming WCC has climate change staff as well. Can’t see why they all can’t contact the NZ Met service for climate change advice.

  4. Chris Horne, 18. December 2019, 19:57

    Well done Regional Council for setting the example for the region’s Territorial Local Authorities to follow by seeking a climate-change advisor. Reactionary elements in the Wellington City Council and in Hutt City Council who advocate increasing the capacity of the road networks in their cities must be educated to accept that we cannot afford to promote the increased use of company and private cars by building more roads. The inevitable result would be increased emissions of greenhouse gases during construction and use of extra road capacity.

    Planet Earth faces increasing evidence of a catastrophic climate emergency, caused in large part by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide from burning petrol, diesel, natural gas and coal. Politicians and everyone else in our communities must advocate for and use improved public transport, walking and cycling facilities.

  5. Alan, 18. December 2019, 20:51

    It’s a new industry to make money like health and safety.

  6. Northland, 19. December 2019, 7:20

    @Chris Horne. How about widening a road to install a bus lane. Would you support that or would you oppose it as ‘more road building’?

  7. Candydate, 19. December 2019, 8:59

    I am a phlebotomist so I should apply, as my level of expertise is in line with the other govt climate ” experts” right?

  8. Johnny Overton, 19. December 2019, 11:19

    Yep, I’m up for the job.

  9. Kelly M, 22. December 2019, 7:39

    Zero climatologists in the list of central govt’s five climate advisors. Closest they got is a geology professor.

  10. Mike Mellor, 22. December 2019, 18:29

    Kelly M: have you not noticed that said professor has a doctorate in atmospheric sciences, and more climate-related qualifications than you could shake a stick at?

  11. Dan Tosfery, 22. December 2019, 20:04

    @Mike Mellor – so why doesn’t said professor work full time at NIWA?

  12. Kelly M, 23. December 2019, 8:00

    Did you say the farmer, economists and the other two experts on the govt committee of “climate experts” have climatology PHDs too?

  13. Mark, 23. December 2019, 8:11

    It’s an outrage that Council services are in tatters and the Council choose to just leave their functions and problems to smell and fester.