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  1. Grant Robertson, 20. December 2019, 16:58

    The burst wastewater pipe in Wellington CBD is not only polluting the harbour (please stay out) but also causing significant traffic disruption in CBD. My advice if you have a car stay well clear of Ghuznee St and surrounds. [via twitter]

  2. Kara, 21. December 2019, 11:05

    Between the news yesterday and this morning there seems to have been a change in the cause of the pipi breakage. Yesterday it was collapsed and this morning they were “working on it”. No matter which is true Wellington Water needed to find another way of diverting the waste instead of dumping it in our inner harbour.

  3. michael, 22. December 2019, 8:54

    More to the point, the council needs to stop wasting ratepayers’ money on vanity projects and get back to basics and fix the old and failing infrastructure now.

  4. Casey, 22. December 2019, 20:05

    What do they mean Salamanca Road towards Ghuznee Street is closed. Salamanca does not connect to Ghuznee on my map.

    Is The Terrace partially closed between Salamanca and Ghuznee perhaps. A map on Wellington Water’ web site should have been put up there before now indicating what the closures are.

  5. greenwelly, 23. December 2019, 10:07

    @Casey, I think what they were trying to say is the right hand lane of Salamanca Road is closed at the intersection with the Terrace (this is the right turn lane to go south down the Terrace).