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LGWM gets 1700 ideas for improving the Golden Mile; 1200 comments on lower speeds

Let’s Get Wellington Moving today reported the results of its consultation about improvements to movement through the inner city.

News from LGWM
Nearly 3,500 people visited the Golden Mile map on our website, and shared over 1,700 ideas on how we might improve the Golden Mile for people walking, biking and on buses.

The project team are working through these and we’ll release a summary of the feedback, with an update on some early improvements we’ll be looking to trial in the new year.

We’ll be asking for feedback on the long-term options in 2020.

You can view the map on our website and read the suggestions.

Central City slower speeds

More than 1,800 people have visited the map on our website, and we’ve received around 1,200 comments or emails about our proposal to lower the speed limit on central city streets to 30 km/h (except on main roads). We propose leaving the main roads at 50 km/h (the waterfront quays, Cable and Wakefield streets, Kent and Cambridge terraces, Vivian Street and Karo Drive).

The initial engagement is now closed for comments but you can view the map on our website and read what people told us. We’ll use the feedback to help refine our proposal, which we’ll formally consult on in early 2020 before any changes are made.