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Happy Christmas


Wellington.Scoop wishes all our readers a Happy Christmas. With special greetings and gratitude to our contributors, and to the legions who send comments (most of which we publish…but not all of them.)

We have recorded a surge of readership this year – with our highest figures ever.

In August we exceeded 100,000 page views for the first time. And in July, September and October the page view totals were over 90,000 each month.

With your help and continuing participation, we look forward to continuing to grow in 2020.


And here is Scoop dog Mika ready for Christmas. He has just moved into a new house in Brooklyn, where he is hoping that some of the presents under the tree will be for him.



  1. Alan, 25. December 2019, 9:43

    …and thanks to you for providing an alternative news source that is intelligent and interesting. Good too that commentators discuss their thoughts without the banality of other social media.
    Well done, Happy Christmas and here’s to even greater success for Wellington.Scoop in 2020.

  2. michael, 25. December 2019, 9:58

    Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone at Wellington.Scoop for providing us with in depth coverage of news that matters.

  3. Ian Apperley, 25. December 2019, 11:16

    And to you Lindsay!

  4. Helene Ritchie, 25. December 2019, 12:19

    How else would we know what goes on in Wellington?
    Thanks Lindsay and Mika.

  5. Guy M, 25. December 2019, 20:07

    Definitely a big Merry Christmas going out to the entire Scoop team NZ wide, and particularly to Lindsay Shelton for pushing the boat out for an independent news source for the capital. It is still incredible to me how fast our more “traditional” news sources have gone backwards – Dominion Post just a remnant of its former self, and the online Stuff and the Herald websites both just printing clickbait trash, with little news apparent. Their modus operandi seems to be to pander for the lowest common denominator to get those clicks rolling in, forget about employing knowledgeable critics or investigative journalists and instead employ grumpy curmudgeons and opinionated high-school leavers to deliver twaddle to the nation. Thank goodness for Scoop.

  6. Benoit Pette, 25. December 2019, 21:16

    It is a privilege to have Wellington.Scoop to get our local news. In-depth analysis, argumentative contributors, passionate commentators. I feel very grateful that Scoop exists and admire all the work poured into it. It is vibrant, relevant and truly alive. Well done 2019, Welcome 2020! And Merry Christmas to Scoop! Merry Christmas to you Lindsay!

  7. Potamous, 26. December 2019, 5:51

    Thanks Wellington.Scoop, hope you have a Happy New Year and continue to grow .

  8. Concerned Wellingtonian, 26. December 2019, 6:48

    Guy M, it is a question of economics for newspapers.
    How can they pay journalists who can get a fortune if they move to becoming P.R. people in Parliament and then get selected to go on the list for their party and become an MP? Or as highly paid advisers on Councils etc. It takes dedication as well as skill to do what Lindsay does.

  9. Pauline, 26. December 2019, 9:14

    Thank you Lindsay and your great team at Scoop…we would be lost without you….keep up the great work and Happy New Year

  10. Mike M, 26. December 2019, 10:59

    Wellington wouldn’t be the same without Wellington.Scoop, so Meri Kirihimete (a little belatedly), Mika and Lindsay!

  11. Neil D., 26. December 2019, 15:24

    May I add (also a little belatedly) ‘bonum habere nativitatis’ Mika and Lindsay.

  12. Lim Leong, 27. December 2019, 0:56

    A well deserved Happy Holiday for the Wellington Scoop team. Many thanks for the independent and in depth analysis of a wide range of issues which matter to the people of Wellington.

  13. Barbara S, 27. December 2019, 6:22

    I look forward to more excellent articles and associated comments in 2020. As a kiwi would say ‘carry on digging’’.

  14. Jimmy, 28. December 2019, 18:20

    Good work! Looking toward to bringing more pragmatic views in 2020 to the idealists who read this site. 😉

  15. Barbara Smyth, 31. December 2019, 16:11

    I’m loving Wellington! It’s traffic free. Bliss. I can do my garden without inhaling fumes from the diesel buses and from lines of single occupant cars. Please people wherever you’ve gone please don’t come back.

  16. Andy Foster, 1. January 2020, 9:13

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your families.
    Looking forward to 2020, the 20th year of the 3rd millennium, the 20th year of the 21st century, and the 1st year of the 2020s decade!
    Let’s make this a great year! [via LinkedIn]

  17. BHS, 2. January 2020, 5:43

    No clapped out school diesel buses chugging up and down Tinakori Rd emitting noxious fumes as they deliver school kids to Hill St and Hawkstone St schools. Peace and quiet and clean air for me for a few weeks. Who gives these contracts out I wonder? Why do they allow such polluting monsters on our city roads?