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  1. michael, 9. January 2020, 10:07

    Spot on Lindsay. Unless the council starts to behave responsibly and focus on what really needs doing (ie: infrastructure, the library etc) there is going to be a ratepayer’s revolt as we cannot continue the way we are going. The WCC must recognise that ratepayers are not a bottomless pit and start listening to the myriad of concerns regarding vanity projects and rising rates.
    As I see it the major problem is that the council have changed their focus because they have outsourced the bulk of council’s core responsibilities, and by doing so have limited control and flexibility, particularly when these services are underperforming.
    How about looking to the UK where a 2017 report showed that “73% of councils indicated that they had started … insourcing a service” and “45% reported having completed the process” And the same report stated that “promised efficiencies of outsourcing have failed to deliver, with contract management fees, variation fees on work and difficulties in specifying complex services leading to cost increases”, and around “64% of local authorities cited greater efficiency as their reason for returning to insourcing and near to 60% said they were doing so to improve quality.”

  2. Traveller, 10. January 2020, 13:00

    If only they’d gone ahead with Kerry Prendergast’s idea of cutting $3m from city council spending every year for a decade …

  3. Curtis Antony Nixon, 10. January 2020, 19:22

    When public authorities and agencies start to treat the citizens of this country as customers, instead of electors, we are really in trouble.

    Actually doing things – (building, setting up, and running, services and infrastructure) – is passe and boring to today’s modern public servant. It’s all about money and ideas in the corporate world. And government bureaucrats want to keep pace, and eventually work for, private business so they constantly import business concepts and language into council or government.

    Add to that the “no fault environment” where architects and engineers can design and build the high rise buildings that failed in the Chch earthquake, without any holding to account. Let’s see if there is the proper apportionment of blame after the Whakaari volcano tragedy.

  4. Dan Tosfery, 13. January 2020, 11:39

    I’m thinking WCC needs a new marketing slogan. How about ‘Let’s Make Wellington Great Again’ (LMWGA)?