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Excavations starting in Willis Street to put new sewage pipe underground


News from Wellington Water
Following the installation of the temporary above ground pipe (above) in Upper Willis Street, we now need to install a permanent underground pipe which means excavating from the Dixon/Willis intersection along Willis Street to State Highway 1 near Ghuznee Street.

On Monday we will start site investigations, locating service in the road and trenching along Willis Street. Pedestrian access along both sides of Willis Street will remain the same.

We are holding a community meeting next week. We invite businesses owners and residents to discuss the project work. We will have a project engineer, council representatives and local councillors available to answer any questions.

The details for the community meeting are:
Tuesday 13 January, 5.30pm – Conference Centre, St John’s in the City.

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  1. Graham Atkinson, 14. January 2020, 14:14

    Tuesday 14 or Monday 13? [It was on Tuesday, and here’s a report on concerns about issues of access and communications.]